Work From Home? Take A Look At These Great Job Options For Moms

Many mothers, both new and experienced, always have a difficult time resuming work at the end of a maternity leave. A mother might feel that the baby is too young, while others have reservations on trusting home caregivers with their child.

For others, it’s a loss of employment, medical reasons, and personal preferences that prevent you from resuming work or maybe you are just addicted to your kids and can’t bear being away from them.

Whatever the case, it doesn’t mean that now as a stay-at-home mom you cannot make a living or advance in your career. Because let’s face it, there is nothing fun about having empty pockets while everyone else is progressing in life.

Plus, have you seen the price inflation on even the most basic commodities? It’s super crazy and that’s why it’s always helpful to have some extra cash at your disposal either for family or personal use.

Of course, like any other job, there is the good and the bad when it comes to working from home. As though you do not have an endless list of things to do already, to add some more ‘work’ into your day may seem too exhausting.

However, with a certain level of commitment, focus and time management, it is quite possible to work straight from the comfort of your home while looking after your children.

An engagement that is fulfilling in terms of freedom (yes, you can work in your pajamas), hustle-free and convenience. Here are great options that can easily become a source of revenue for moms seeking full/part-time jobs from home:



1. Online Jobs

A recent global research revealed that an average internet user spends more than 2 hours on social media alone per day (whether on Facebook, Instagram, Whats-app, Snap-chat etc).

When you really think about it, it’s almost impossible to fight these rapidly changing technological advances, if anything, it is even difficult to catch up.There is always something new popping up every single day.

Amazing how the internet has revolutionized our lives, we are totally addicted, and most of us cannot function properly without accessing the internet. Which makes you wonder, what did we used to do before this internet ‘craze’ came into our lives?

Simple question: have you ever been on your phone/laptop surfing for hours (probably stalking an old friend just to see if you are doing better than her if you ever bump into each other? Or you find yourself feeding off those online gossip sites (why are they so addictive though) on the latest drama in the city?

If your answer is yes, as I might assume, then how silly did you feel for wasting time that cannot be recovered on meaningless trolling and information that doesn’t necessarily add much value to your life or that of your family?

Well, I have been there and I know the feeling. But here is the good news, you can turn those seemingly wasted hours on the internet into activities that earn you money and here is how to do just that:

Online Surveys

What It’s About: This is one of the common options for many people seeking to earn an extra coin. Survey jobs pay you for your opinion, it’s usually as simple as that.

Getting Started: It’s an easy process that involves signing up on the website by filling in personal data such as full names, DOB, gender, locality etc.

Time Required: Different surveys need varying time depending on their urgency and technicality.Some surveys are super easy to fill out while others require you to think through before answering. Either way, it’s often nothing to stress your mind. The average time to conduct a survey is between 10-30 minutes.

Average Earnings: The average payment is Ksh 100-300 per survey, an amount that varies from one site to another. However, do not set your expectations high since it might take up to a month or two to fully make some little pocket-money.

Tips: The first rule of online jobs is do not pay anything to get a job that is supposed to pay you no matter the circumstances.There are many survey sites, make sure you take time to check each carefully.

Those sites that swear they are not scams, are probably the biggest scammers, be sure to avoid them. Also, with online surveys you might want to set up a new email address, just to avoid spam or scammers who might take advantage of your personal information.

Writing articles, blog posts/content for websites

Today, we get most of our information through websites and it always seems completely off when you cannot find a certain piece of information on the web. Well, a lot of that information is put together by writers behind a computer and many companies are always seeking new content to keep their websites relevant and updated.

Getting started: If you are an inspiring writer or simply thinking you can put your ideas into helpful information, then all you need is a computer(they work best on editing), internet access and you are ready for work. You can apply for writing jobs, the market is still diverse for different kind of content.

Time Required: The time frame pretty much depends on the number of words you are requested to write and how efficient you are in transferring your thoughts and ideas from your head to the keyboard. At a standard pace, you can write an average of 500 words which is the least word count for most online websites in half an hour.

Average Earnings: This also depends on technicality of the content you are required to create as a writer. The least amount you can earn ranges from Ksh 300-700 per article. While this is not a standard wage rate, it is important to make sure that you get value for your writing services.

Tips:  While writing may seem like an easy task, it takes a lot of mental preparedness to establish a particular angle of communication. Regardless, all the information you need is one search engine away, how to put it all together into an informative piece is the challenge.

Keep an open mind, retain originality and remember to carefully do your due diligence on which sites are legit before submitting your work.

Freelancing Work: Academic writing, transcribing, marketing, advertising

What it’s about: The cash cow that has hit the country over the past few years is freelancing in the fields mentioned above. Considered a lucrative industry to make quick money, academic writing is especially topping the list of the freelance jobs.

Academic writing involves completion of academic assignments from high school to university levels. They cover a range of topics from English literature, history, medicine, religion, arts and so much more.

Transcription, on the other hand, involves the process of converting spoken language (live or recorded) into a written text document mainly in English.

With jobs in  marketing, advertising or promotions, the concept involves activities in planning and coordinating a company’s online digital strategies while optimizing online presence via either email or social media platforms

Getting started: If you have a background in a business related course, then there is an online niche where you can offer your services in marketing, sales, advertising or promoting of products and services.

With academic writing or transcription, it is not a must to hold a university degree, since most of the information for research is available online or already provided by a client.

Time Required: Many of these jobs have strict deadlines given their nature as assignments and may need completion before the expiry of the deadlines otherwise assignments may be canceled or fined due to late submission.

Average Earnings: Academic jobs pay an average of $ 5-10+ per page (a page has 300 words max)if you get to work from your own signed-up account. In other cases, you can apply as a writer locally and work for someone else at an average of Ksh 200-300 per page.

The rate payable for transcription services is  Ksh 1-2 average per sentence, while the rest of the freelance jobs depend with the type of job description and employment agreement, for example, basic salary or commissions

Tips: Freelance work means you can take jobs when you want and they offer great flexibility especially for moms. Identify the best time for you to work to make sure you do not compromise work or family. Most sites pay twice a month, therefore, if you can set up a good foundation through hard work and aggression, you will be on your way, smiling to the bank.

Important to note, with academic writing jobs, quality is utmost important, so make use of online tools to deliver top-notch work. Other freelance jobs can include data entry, editing, and proofreading, virtual assistant manager, copy paste work, call center jobs, general typing or online tutoring work.

2. Turning Hobbies into Business Ventures

Starting a home business is one of the best and fulfilling opportunities that give you the ability to turn something you love doing into a career. Many people are stuck doing drab jobs just to receive a pay check at the end of the month.

However, being a stay at home mom provides a perfect excuse to pursuit what you actually love and enjoy doing.Can your family/friends swear by your cooking? You can start a catering business right from the comfort of your kitchen. Is baking your specialty?

Then go ahead and spread those aromas to others who are not only willing to indulge but also pay for them. Or maybe it is crocheting, sewing, fashion, designing, traveling, painting, photography, interior designing, coding, gardening/farming, you can turn this passion into something tangible.


Do not be afraid to start now or start small. If you could ask many of these multi-billion firms, they also started small at one point. The idea that you are doing what you absolutely love means there is a shorter learning curve since you know what you are involved in and there is a greater ability to completely master that skill and become the next guru in your craft.

With hobbies, there is usually low investment cost because chances are you already have everything you need around your home.


Tips: Make good use of your online space and create pages on social media to market your business. Many consumers are increasingly gravitating towards handmade/homemade items since such products radiate a sense of personal touch.

Do market research and test drive the business before fully committing to it to discover what people are actually willing to pay for. Do forget your potential buyers are just one click away.


DIY are easy as they sounds, activities that involve turning simple projects/crafts into master pieces that can fetch you some good money. Many DIY projects are things you can make right from the comfort of your living room and need very little ability.

DIY can be anything that is given usefulness and value.There are millions of tutorials online with step by step processes on how to basically make anything.The best part is that you can also involve your kids to help you out with some projects.

There is always a market for anything creative today. It doesn’t have to be expensive or popular, actually, it is the unique items that always attract customers who are seeking a change from the norm. DIY can be food, clothing, jewelry, pillows, carpets/floor rugs, paintings, toys, recycled items etc. There is a lot of options.

Tips: Pin it, pin it and pin it some more. Pin-interest is a great source of inspiration for any DIY crafts/projects. Keep in mind that you do not have to do what other people are doing or what’s trending. Don’t limit yourself by doing what others are doing, creativity has no boundaries.


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