Will the new Blue Band Ugali campaign change how Kenyans cook?

A tube of Blue Band Margarine
A tube of Blue Band Margarine
A tube of Blue Band Margarine

A few days ago, Unilever, the manufacturers of Blue Band margarine, launched a campaign  dubbed ‘Blue Band in Ugali’ in a bid to get Kenyans finding more ways to use Blue Band other than just applying it on their bread.
The cost of bread has shot up following recent taxation by the government.  The price now ranges from Ksh. 45 to Ksh.50 for the 500gm loaf, a price that most Kenyans can no longer afford.
Ugali seems to be the next best alternative for many households and Blue band is  determined to be in that mix. Kenyans on twitter( KOT) are already expressing their skepticism over this campaign with some throwing jabs at its awkwardness.



For a better part of last year, blue band ran a long campaign aimed at getting more and more kids to eat the margarine by enticing them with a trip to Disney World. Comedian Wanjiku the Teacher earned a tidy sum in ads as well as tours in various schools in Kenya.


But, how do Kenyans make their Ugali,and will this new campaign change the way most of us make it?
I have always made ugali with boiling water, abit of salt and the maize flour.

Ugali is a maincourse starch which is meant to be taken with an accompaniment of protein(meats) and vegetables ( sukuma, managu, kunde etc). I have only tasted ugali with margarine once, it was at a friends house and I must admit, it did give the ugali a certain twist to it.

However, ugali is a traditional delicacy, one that the Luo and Luhya communities are best known for making but one that has become a Kenyan staple food.

It has, in recent times, become the symbol for Kenyan food and is mostly used whenever the cost of food commodities is talked about  in the media mostly due to  the ever increasing cost. A few years ago, a non-violent movement dubbed ‘The Unga revolution‘  was formed which sought to have the cost of maize flour come down to Ksh. 30 as well as other basic needs. Will this new campaign work well for Unilever or will it make them the butt of jokes by KOT?

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  1. Shiku Ngigi Reply

    Turns out there was a time people added Blue Band to Ugali, just like they do rice. I reacted the same way but then mum told me she used to add it to Ugali back in the day. So really, no one is changing anything, just reintroducing it. :/

    • admin Post authorReply

      Maybe the outright advertising of it is what prompted negative reactions especially on Social Media.

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