Why you need to pay your baby’s daycare a surprise visit

A woman wrote a very emotional post online about how her 11-month old baby was mistreated at her local daycare. According to this mother of one, she had to go to work and cannot afford a househelp. She decided to leave her child at a daycare and when she came back she asked the woman minding the children how the first day went,

“Your son is very stubborn,” said the irate daycare worker. The mom just thought that the woman reacted like that because it was the first day she had taken care of the young baby. However, she had to revise her thoughts when she started breastfeeding her child!

The young baby had red, slap marks on his face that had been covered by the woolen marvin mostly preferred by mothers of young infants. It turns out that the childcare minder had actually slapped the boy!

The nerve of the woman! What business does one have slapping a child who is barely a year old? Anyway, she is still seeking on the best way to deal with the abuser which included bringing in the authorities.

Stories abound of people mistreating kids in daycares with some eating food meant for the young ones or refusing to change them the whole day. In the latter case, they refuse to change them so that they can keep the diapers for re-sell to other mothers in the same daycare.

Basically, they could be selling to you the same diapers you bought. Some babies are beaten; their toys get confiscated while others are given drugs to make them sleep for more hours.

While no one expects that babies in a daycare should be handled with tickles and warms hugs throughout the day, there are some basics that should never miss. There is a line that the caregivers should not cross at any cost. On your next surprise, you should have a serious checklist with you.


Here is what to look for,

1. Is the number of staff to baby ratio adequate? Will you baby get specialized attention throughout the day? Here is the thing, when you are looking for a daycare you may be given the picture perfect setting. However, after a few weeks, the number in the daycare may swell and no one will think of increasing the number of caregivers. So it is very important that you pay them a surprise visit after a few weeks to see if the status quo remains.

2. You should also keep a close eye on how the caregivers are handling the children and although you may not be an expert, you can tell who is qualified and who is not. Watch out for attributes such as patience with the kids, ability to be playful with the kids, how they act in times of emergencies and so on.

3. While some parents cook their own food and leave it with the caregivers to be eaten at structure intervals, others depend on the daycares for food. In the former case, your surprise visit will reveal if they follow your instructions and warm the food for your baby as well. It will also reveal if they are patient enough with your jumpy child or the one who is always fussy at mealtimes. If your child eats food prepared at the daycare you should pay them a surprise visit to ensure that they do follow the menu they showed you when she was joining them.

Please try to also check on how the food is served, will the portions satisfy your child? Is the food served in hygienic utensils? Babies and toddlers can really get affected by food poisoning so you cannot gamble with their health. You should check to find out if the food is nutritious as well. Check if it is balanced as well to ensure proper development of your baby.

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4. Some kids have life-threatening allergies and some are food related, others are caused by cold among a myriad of things. You should pop in to ensure that your child is not exposed to anything that may trigger their allergies.

5. Playtime is very important to a child. Sadly, some kids in daycares are not allowed to play outside because the caregiver could not be bothered on account of the weather. If it is too hot they will refuse to let them outside and the same for when it is too cold.

Well if the weather is too harsh outside they can always play inside so there should be no excuse for kids not playing during their days at the daycare. An unscheduled visit will let you know if your child is given enough playtime or not.

6. Too much TV is not good for children. They need to go out and explore outside, interact with others and generally take time to learn their environment. Some daycares do not take this into account and will forever have the kids in front of the TV which is not very healthy.



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