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Ramtons Kenya

In 2010, we had our wedding ceremony. We received a lot of gifts mostly kitchen electronics like Microwaves (we got two and had to trade one with a relative) blenders, toasters, sandwich maker, deep fryer among others. As I have come to learn from careful observation and comparison, Ramtons products are much cheaper than say Black & Decker or Philips. Needless to say, I, like most couples, got a lot of Ramtons electronics.

I started using some immediately but others were set aside for the time when kids were born.The blender which was quite big and fancy which included the small mill for blending ground nuts and smaller meals proved to be a saver especially when baby no. 1 was born as I could blend very small food quantities.

Within exactly 3 months of using it,  one day, it just stopped working. If it had happened to the Nanny, I could have suspected that maybe it blew or had a short circuit.  However, it failed while I was the one using it, it didn’t make any sense at all.

I looked for the warranty card and returned the blender to Hotpoint shop at Sarit where it had been purchased. From there I was referred to their repair centre located at the back, near the lower Kabete parking. Upon explaining the problem to the customer service ladies, I was informed that despite buying it from Hotpoint, I had to take it to the Ramtons service centre on Mombasa road.

Ramtons Blender
The Ramtons Blender

I could not believe what I was hearing! A service centre all the way at City Cabanas, I gave up right away as the blender no longer had warranty ( was given in 2010 and it failed in 2012), I kept contemplating getting it repaired by some electronic guy but never got round to it.

Last month when our two girls went visiting the grannies in shagz, I decided to finally try out the Ramtons deep fryer.  I followed every instruction up to the point where I was supposed to put the fries in the basket and lower it onto the oil. This is the point where things went south. The deep fryer just went off (the power LED was no longer orange). I thought maybe that’s the way it works, like a sandwich maker, and that the light would turn on after a few minutes. I switched on the timer and waited……..15 mins……. 20 mins….. 10 mins… nothing.

It took me almost 1 hr to finally give up, after attempting to switch power ports and even test whether the initial socket had blown, the socket was fine! I was so pissed off with a basket of barely cooked fries which I had to move to a pan and shallow fry.

The worst part was that I could not pour out all the oil I had poured in as it kept spilling! I took my rant online and swore never to buy any Ramtons products ever.






I have since come to learn that I am not the only victim, a lot of Kenyans have had the misfortune of using Ramtons products and what is very clear is that, to Ramtons, Warranty is just an 8 letter word. Repair and spare parts also do not exist in their dictionary.

The only presence they have online is their facebook page which was last updated in 2011.

It is about time  Nakumatt, Tuskys and Naivas took Ramtons to task and protect their customers from this fraud by refusing to stock any product that other customers have returned as faulty.

Where is KEBS and COFEK in all this you ask? let us just say, someone is sleeping on their job.


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  1. Chuani Reply

    Couldn’t agree more. I have a coffee blender whose glass kettle randomly broke 7 months ago. Nakumatt directed me to Cabanas. I’m still trying to acquire energy to go sit in Msa road jam to fix a kettle.

    • admin Post authorReply

      The thought of that journey alone is tiring. The worst thing is, you are not assured that the kettle will get fixed or replaced. My advice, buy another trusted model or one whose warranty center is nearer.

  2. j. gitz Reply

    sorry for the trouble. siwatetei but before blaming ramtons, you need to confirm whether the goods were actually genuine. counterfeit goods have taken over in kenya with some being hard to tell the difference between them and the genuine products. i bought their gas cooker at the city cabannas area back in 05 its still operational todate.

    • admin Post authorReply


      As I mentioned in the article, the two items (Blender & Deep Fryer) were bought from Hotpoint in Westlands and I had the warranty certificates. I agree with you that there are very many counterfeit products but this is not the case. As you will note from a link I gave of other user experiences, I am not the only one who has complained about Ramtons products. On Counterfeit, I tend to think that brands like Philips or Moulinex would be more at risk of counterfeit than Ramtons.

  3. Dave Reply

    Thank you! We too have run into the same thing and yes, we also got them straight from Hotpoint. You see them on the shelves and it is tempting, they are always 10-30% cheaper than the other brands. But they always break…

    • admin Post authorReply

      I swore never to buy any Ramton products. I’d rather spend twice as much to get brands such as black & decker, philips or others. Its usually worth it in the long run.

      • Newton Gitau Reply

        Hi, kindly advice on where to get black and decker electronics. Do they have a shop in Nairobi??

        • Muthoni Reply

          Newton, if you are still looking for Black & Decker Products, Little Legends Ltd in Methodist Ministries Center Lavington. They stock B&D appliances.


    VERY TRUE, i bought a ramtons microwave that broke and when I took it to them for repairs they said they don’t have that make anymore hence no spares. I swore never to buy their appliances again.

  5. Mate Reply

    I only wish i had seen this earlier before i committed to buying a ramtons microwave & a kettle……kettle is already dead & the microwave’s inner wall burnt to brown on day one…….worst brand ever!!

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi Mate,

      I am really sorry you went through that. I hope that you share this article with your friends so that they will not go through the same ordeal.

      Thanks for sharing your experience.

      • Evelyn Reply

        Oh my. I have never enjoyed my Ramtons microwave ever since i bought it from Nakumatt Karen. A problem after another. i have given up using it. So disappointed.

        • admin Post authorReply

          Hi Evelyn,

          Pole sana. you are one of very many Kenyans who have expressed their dissatisfaction yet Ramtons still continue placing adverts in the dailies and selling their products from the major household supermarkets!

  6. Steve Reply

    I have been looking for their contacts online for some purchases and now no need since I know better.Thanks for sharing good people!

  7. irene Reply

    Bought a food processor last year. I can only blend and puree stuff. I cannot dice or slice anything with it because it doesn’t work. Waste of money. I wish I had just add a few bucks and gotten black and decker

  8. Tim Reply

    I bought an expensive Ramtons cooker, because there really wasn’t much to choose form at Nakumat Galleria.
    The oven stopped working in 2 months and took 4 days to get it serviced. It then stopped heating with the same problem a few months later. Because it was past 6 months they wouldn’t stand behind it. I got it fixed for 2400 KSH. Now exactly 1 year in and it won’t stay heated again!! Why would anyone start a company building appliances that are so utterly horrible!!
    So wish I bought something else!

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi Samuel,

      You might have to go to their Warranty center on Mombasa road. I believe I included their location in the post. Best of luck in getting them to repair it. They rarely repair their products.

  9. charles Reply

    Blender just stopped abruptly and recently my 2 burner cooker has one of its burner misfiring flame under the base all ramtoms I agree their after sales services and spare parts raises more questions than answers!

  10. Nicole Reply

    Well, proves the point that cheap is always expensive in the long run! Was considering buying the new ramtons air fryer that’s about 60% cheaper than philips but after reading this, ill save up and buy the philips. Thanks for sharing peeps

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi Nicole,

      Yes, Cheap is always expensive. I replaced my blender with another more expensive one, 2 years down the line, it still works pretty well. Don’t be worried about spending more. Save up and you will not regret.

  11. salim Reply

    I bought a washing machine in 2004. It’s still working and haven’t been repaired even once since then. In the same period, I have had to use more than 6 blenders. Differeht brands. I accepted that’s the lifespan of blenders. Faulty manufacturing, in addition to counterfeits, is not unique to ramtons. Even Toyota and other manufacturers have had to recall their products due to mass manufacturing defects. Isolated defects do not make news and end up with consumers. Depending on where you live, Msa road is convenient to most of us, unless you are demanding every servise center outside your house or office.

  12. Wilson Reply

    Thanks for the info. I was considering a ramtons fridge but now I think I’ll just go for Samsung.

  13. glomairanga Reply

    Hi.it is very unfortunate to hear this from you guys after spending a lot of money to buy the items but my mum bought a ramtons blender in 2003 and it has worked perfectly since then,not even a single repair.She also received a ramtons kettle on her vow renewal in 2010 and it has worked properly ever since,not even a single repair.So for us its a very good brand.Another brand i would recommend is Sanyo.It is a very good brand,rarely breaks down.

  14. mercy Reply

    Bought a microwave from Nakumatt.having misplaced the warranty certificate.the.supermarket attached a receipt showing that the product is still under warranty but ramtoms insist I pay.should I pay for the repairs.

  15. David Reply

    I guess it all goes with your luck. I bought some of these products when I was starting off ranging from fans, a table top cooker, water dispenser, kettle, dust bins and cutlery and they served me well. The water dispenser did give me issues at first but they were quick to replace it. Luckily for me I lived along Mombasa Rd. I also realised you can get very good discounts if you visit Hypermatt at Cabanas, their service center. But let us face it guys, we all know cheap is expensive. By the time we are going for the discounts being offered by Ramtons, we should be ready for surprises. There is no way they wont compromise on the quality of their products given they are trying to cut on their production cost. They will use cheap raw materials and cut down on Quality Control. If you can afford though, go for better brands and avoid disappointments.

  16. Sammy Reply

    My Boss doesn’t like these instant coffees and I was in the process of shopping for a coffee maker for the Admin office; (Ramtons to be precise) until I came across Afro Mum. In fact it didn’t hit me that 2 of the old ones are Ramtons. I QUIT and I look Black & Decker way. THANK YOU AFRO MUM. I now know.

  17. Sunshine Reply

    Ramtons is a no go zone, NEVER EVER EVER. However, by some miracle, my blender given to me during our wedding 11 years ago is still working, and that is indeed a miracle but I would never buy any Ramptons. But remember it is made in xxx (many products are but they are also made for the European / US market hence of better quality).

  18. frank Reply

    Thanks guys for a piece of advice,i wanted one cooker soon and i wanted to go for RAMPTONS but i have changed my mind.

  19. Alex Reply

    Thanks guys for your warning messages. I wanted to purchase a number of electrical goods. I will steer clear of Ramtons!

    • Sammy Reply

      You know what? I used to think Ramtons was among the superior household goods manufacturers in the world until I came across Afro mom. Her site is of great help to me and many like you and the rest out there. I wondered why we have so many broken Ramtons coffee machines around my work place and now we are using Black and Decker. Its simple but wonderful.

  20. peter Reply

    bought iron box last week and it blew out the following day.. so pissed off

    • admin Post authorReply


      I have had an LG fridge for the last 5 years with no issues. They also have a diverse price range. I would recommend it and buy a frost free one.


  21. Sharon Reply

    i was given food processor during my wedding that was on january this year i opened it last week for the first time to use to my surprise it didn’t work ,am so dissapointed..am advising my friends not to buy anything from Ramtoms..

    • admin Post authorReply

      Am Sorry Sharon,

      I feel your pain, the same thing happened to me with the deep fryer. I never buy any Ramtons products anymore.

  22. John Reply

    If Ramtons and other cheap products have been a let-down for you, there is one small shop in Bunyala Road – I think located inside Bazar Plaza that sells affordable and genuinely branded goods imported from the UK. I have bought toys and kitchen appliances from them, still working perfectly 2 years down the line.

  23. Mama Mugo Reply

    I have used Ramtons products severally over the years. Havent been too disappointed. Some stuff does last some just gives up on you. Have had an old knob dial Ramtons microwave for years since before 2003 and we have used it everyday til now and still going. Life of their jug blenders is roughly 1 year with moderate use have had 2 but wouldnt buy them any more. Iron boxes can be hit or miss. Have a non-steam iron that has served 4 years plus but as for steam irons must have gone through 4 during the same period. Have a hand held stick blender that has given more than 5 years of service still going. As for my deep fryer still going about 5 years now with regular some days very heavy use. So it’s a kind of hit or miss situation but they certainly should step up their customer service efforts because things do go wrong with most products following reckless or heavy use or wear and tear but its how problems are resolved that ultimately keeps customers satisfied.

  24. karole Reply

    i have a ramton iron box had it for 5 years ( i wanna get rid of it because its old and not that its faulty) also have a kettle 3 years still working i dont see why you guys are complaining about

  25. Kui Reply

    I have Ramtons products that work well. I’ve had my table cooker, bought in Nakumatt, for the last 9 years and it’s great. Iron box & blener for 7 years which I bought (second hand) from an expat. colleague and they are still working. I would think that there are counterfeits in this brand or Ramtons have compromised on their quality lately or even the wiring of electricity in some homes could be affecting the electronics.

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi Kui,

      I am not sure what the problem is with some of their products. I have had a Ramtons microwave for over 5 years now and it still works though it doesn’t always warm the food evenly. I doubt its counterfeits, I think its more of lack of consistency in delivering quality. I am looking for a heater now and I doubt I will consider a Ramtons one.

  26. Patrick Reply

    I think the only downfall is having one service center at Mombasa road opposite Cabanas. Otherwise i took my induction cooker back to them 3 days ago after using it for one year and they fixed it on the spot-30 minutes and I left with it. No charges even though the warranty had expired.

    • admin Post authorReply

      For a company with such a huge footprint in Kenya dealing in goods that are susceptible to frequent break downs, they ought to have several service/warranty centers around the country. Imagine what those in other towns in Kenya are forced to do. Its not practical to travel from Mombasa to have an electronic item that was bought at KES 5,000 repaired!

  27. Martha Ciku Reply

    was shopping for a fridge, was impressed by HAIER but its testimonials online are displeasing, ramtons also is a no go zone, will save up for samsung fridge, thank you

  28. Helln Reply

    U guys have the worst after sale services,, how do I carry my cooker n microwave all the way to cabanas for a quotation for service n repair. Am damn done with ur products if u can’t get a mobile service for ur products.

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi Wanjiru,

      Kindly note that AfroMum is in no way affiliated to Ramtons. If you wish to get in touch with them, kindly search for their direct contacts online. Thank you for visiting us though.

  29. Angie Reply

    Try black n decker.they r expensive but their products are the best especially their blenders

  30. Wanhat Reply

    I have seen my mom using Ramtons products from sometime back, only when I was in campus did I see a friend’s new iron box burn completely. I went ahead and bought Ramtons product for my house, my microwave (8 months old), my fridge (7 months old), dispenser (1 year old), cooker (6 months old) and Chapati maker (3 months old). They are all in perfect condition except for the fridge whose light went off last week.

    However, I feel like no other of my appliances will come from Ramtons from the comments I’ve read above.

    Point to note thought: Why should Hotpoint sell Ramtons products, we should by either directly from them or a genuine dealer.

  31. zwad Reply

    I was looking for Ramtons website online and came across this, i have been using their products and they are good, i bought my microwave in 2013 still using it to date so far it has not given me any problems, i also have a Ramtons burner been using for 4yrs and a iron been using for 3yrs now so far they are all giving me very good service and still in good condition, am also planning to buy Ramtons fridge soon, though i think LG is the best when it comes to fridges but out of my budget… i would advice not to buy their products from supermarkets or dealers some could be counterfeit, if you can, just go to their offices in cabanas along Mombasa road and get a genuine product, coz am sure even if u search for products like samsung, black decker, LG etc online you will still find such complains…i stand by ramtons 100%

  32. diana Reply

    ooh God wish i had known, we bought an oven and wen we started preheating it..the glass got shattered…when we called them, they said they cant replace…i will never buy any of their electronics..from Uganda..was so disappointed

  33. Salome Reply

    i was given a blender as a gift , a Ramtons, it broke after one use , Naivas couldnt repair it.

  34. muller Reply

    Hello, I wish to buy a Ramtons fridge, is it advisable or its a no go zone for fridges?

  35. mullah Reply

    I wish to hear from those who have bought a fridge from Ramtons and the item is still functioning, thanks in advance.

  36. hallie Reply

    for one i don’t believe cheap is expensive, i bough one very expensive ken wood food processor, and within 6months the motor was damaged….HOTPOINT once again could not fix it along with a home theater (LG) that was bought there as well…now i have a cheap food processor that works like a mafia…it has seen the worst treatment from helps but the ninja is still working got it for 4k,ata jina sijui ni gani…i think hotpoint needs to pick up warranty follow ups from their customers.

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