When did Gun become part of the School Alphabet

A Gun
A Gun
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Our daughter is well into her 3rd month in kindergarten’s baby class.  I am now learning to accept that its is quite normal for a kid in Nursery school to be given homework. I have realized that, if I become petty complain about everything I find wrong with the current school system, I might just end up home schooling my kids – something I wouldn’t mind doing if I was a full time mum.

A few nights ago, I took out her homework book for her exercise. The letter she was to colour was G and the drawing on the next page was of a Gun. At first I was in shock wondering if I had time travelled, either the US where owning guns is legal and so easy, or I was in the future where kids learnt words like Bomb, Grenade, Gun and Bullets!

Luckily, my daughter did not ask me what it was or what it was for. However, I felt an explanation was warranted from the school on the choice of drawing. I therefore wrote in her school diary that the drawing disturbed me.

The following day in the morning, I received a call from the teacher and I explained to her why I put the remarks I did in her school diary. The explanation I got was that the word Gun is the only 3 letter word that is available that kids can easily understand and pronounce. She further explained that they could not use ‘Girl’ as its harder for kids at that level to pronounce it.

I was not convinced but I decided not to lecture her on phone. However, it got me wondering when it became o.k for kids to learn about Guns or be introduced to them so early in life.

Kids are naturally inquisitive, at the age of 3 they start asking you the what’s, then the whys.

Mum, What is this? (pointing at a picture or an object)

mum, what is a gun?

Mum, where do kids come from?

Mum, why is your stomach so big

Mum, what are guns for?

You get the drift.

So when a child asks you or the teacher what a gun is for, what is your answer?

My husband was also irked by this Gun drawing and decided to take a dictionary and look for other 3 letter words that begin with the letter ‘G’. There were 45 other 2 letter words starting with G.

I have decided to wait until the school has an open day towards the end of 1st term to have a word with the principal.

Interesting thing is that God, a safer choice, would have been as much a controversial drawing as Gun.

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  1. Michael Reply

    That pronouncing argument doesn’t make sense.

    There’s “gap” – a space.
    “gem” – a jewel
    “goose” – a bird

    And that’s just off the top of my head. It’s lazy thinking.

    • admin Post authorReply

      I thought so too. I even wonder if all kids learn this in their respective schools. Waiting to hear from other parents.

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