What do you do with all the new Unused Baby Items

A New born African Baby
A New born African Baby
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I am at a point in life where I can finally exhale in short bursts as our two girls are now going to nursery school. They are still a handful but now they they are no longer in the phase where they needed constant attention, changing, feeding and many other things that occupied my every minute.

I started shopping for our first born when I was 6 months pregnant. Like most first time mothers, I bought more than I should have and that soon dawned on me when our first born turned 3 months. She outgrew most of the growers, shawls, bibs, body and sleep suits and many other items that I had bought in the off chance that it was a boy.

Most of these stuff stuck in the wardrobe unused until our 2nd born daughter came and even after she came, I still found that I had bought to many clothes napkins and feeding items.

So, if you are a parent already, your kids are all grown up and you have closed that chapter on having any more kids, what did you do with all the baby clothes, items and accessories like beds, car seats, stroller, feeding table, toys and many other kids items that we buy in excitement only for us to realize that our kids have quickly outgrown them?

If you are expecting a baby, I am sure you are already planning on all the items the baby will need such as :- bassinet, baby call, rattle, feeding bottle, clothes, stroller, tricycle, bicycle, books, backpack, more clothes, baby cots and many others.

Babies grow really fast (especially after the first 3 months, that change of sleep schedule for us is no joke). That means that there are a lot of things that you can buy that you can get almost unused at very good price on a site like OLX. There are hundreds of women like me who buy items only to realize that their kids don’t’ need them and those items (especially the tricycles) take up so much room in our small apartments.

For the first 6 months or so, babies only sleep and eat (and poo… a lot!). Cradles- the very first baby beds are used for only a few months. The baby will rapidly get too big to fit in it. So it´ll be easy to find a good one almost unused. You can help the baby do well at sleeping using a mobile with a nice lullaby tune. And a baby call will let you win some independence so you can do other stuff in your house while the baby is sleeping and hear him or her whenever he o she needs you. Simple as that you have the sleeping part cover.

I know this is a very un-African thing for most of us, having your baby in their own bed and in a separate room sounds cruel and a lot of us might be unwilling to try it out. However, having your child move into their own room should be done within the first 1 year.

What about the eating part? A lot of babies do just fine with breastfeeding, but some also need extra help. If you go through a similar experience to mine where your child refuses to breastfeed after 6 months( mostly due to you going back to work), You can find excellent second hand feeding bottles at very low prices. You will only need to buy new nipples and you are ready. I know you are wondering if that is very hygienic. Well, there is the wonder product called Miltons that comes either in form of tablets or liquid. They are sterilizers that I would recommend for you to use to soak all your baby food items over and above washing the items thoroughly with warm water and soap.

So you have the sleeping and the feeding parts covered. The next thing is the baby bath and then off course some clothes. The two categories  on OLX are full of almost new products at really good prices. Baby baths are only useful for the first months. On the other hand babies grow so fast that there are a lot of clothes that they hardly ever wear more than once in their lifetime.

Baby Strollers and car seats can be pretty expensive if bought in the shops either in the many malls in Nairobi or on Biashara street.  You can get one of those combo of stroller and infant car seat. These are also only for the first months of the baby and that is why you will find so many good used ones at good price.

Oh, and if you are like me and your kids are all grown, why not put up your items on OLX, sell and put the money into your child’s education fund or buy other items they need at their age like a bigger bike or home items.

There are however items you will need to buy brand new e.g pacifier and diapers… tons of diapers if I may stress.

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