Weight loss and the food we eat

weight loss aid eating right

Weight loss tests your patience, It also tests your endurance as a person and your restraint.The extra pounds we add after giving birth are very profound and while we love the “pounds of honour”, a lot of us want to get back the pre-baby weight. It is not easy, however, having added over fifty pounds after giving birth, I did not care for easy, I cared for possible. I am not there yet, but I have lost over fifteen pounds the past month.

A change of lifestyle is definitely to thank for this lighter me. With little time to go to the gym, I needed other ways to lose weight without enrolling in a gymnasium. Eating clean and avoiding processed foods has definitely helped a lot.

weight loss aid eating right
weight loss aid eating right

I have had to embrace the following diets and made them part of my daily routine:

1. No sugar diet
Processed sugar is the enemy of weight loss. Excess sugar in the body usually converted into fat, undesirable for someone trying to lose weight. However, there are better alternatives for those who cannot take their black coffee without sugar. Honey, natural honey to be specific – I like the Kitui honey found in major supermarkets, sweet potatoes, fruits and fresh fruit juices.
Some nutritionists have terms sugar as the worst food in the diet.worst food
2. Avoiding red meat
Being the major cause of hypertension due to the saturating fats that clog arteries, red meat is top of the list of the foods to avoid for a healthier lifestyle. Instead, replace this with white meat, on a minimum and learn to mainly depend on pant protein as opposed to animal protein still nutritious, but healthier and easy on the waistline.

3.Limit the wheat
The body takes hours to process wheat. This means that eating wheat daily results in extra pounds which piles up. A friend tells me that if I want to add ten pounds in ten days, I should eat bread, chapati, pasta, pastries and noodles everyday for two weeks. That might sound like a gross exaggeration, but try avoiding wheat for those two weeks and see the difference it make on the scale and on the mirror. What then should we take? Sweet potatoes, arrow roots, yams and cassava are a better alternative. I for one am a big fan of sweet potatoes for breakfast and sometimes both breakfast and lunch. They are filling, rich in healthy natural sugar and are rich in oestrogen.
Weight loss aid no wehat and no red meat diet
4. No carbs after 3p.m
After 3p.m, there is not much physical activity going on thus we do not need the bursts of energy provided by foods rich in carbohydrates. We are usually winding up our day at the office. We may take a late lunch, but no carbohydrates are required. Instead, lean protein, a large plate of vegetables and a lot of water (for energy) is advised especially if your aim is weight loss.

5. Hot water treatment
I did not trust that hot water helps one lose weight, until a thirty-five year old mother of two with a form-fitting shirt and no fat belly swore by it. I had to try it.

6. Green Juicing
Raw vegetables are the healthiest kind when it comes to weight loss. Eating them raw is most times unpleasant especially for the darker green vegetables which are actually the healthiest and most nutritious. So instead of forcing your spinach into a salad, blend it, together with half a cup of apple and melon and a cup of water. This is a good way to get rid of free radicals, purge excess weight and boost the immune system. You can use different green vegetables every day, from kale, broccoli to amaranth.

Weightloss aid Green juicing
Weightloss aid Green juicing
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