We need Geeky ladies in Computer & Phone shops not Blondes

Geek Chic


Geek Chic

In the course of my current profession, I deal a lot with ICT solution providers. From ISPs to large and small IT  hardware and software suppliers.

In the last several years, I have noted that more and more com
puter shops are hiring ladies as attendants unlike before when most shops just had men. I admit that there was a time when IT was virtually a male dominated profession with most ladies preferring to do diploma courses such as HR & Admin, Secretarial, Tours & Travel with their university counterparts taking degrees in Education and fine arts.

It is until about 5 years ago, that ladies started venturing into IT courses like A+ (hardware & Software) or N+ (Networking) , Cisco, MCSE or take on Computer Science.

This whole idea of putting beautiful ladies must have started with exhibitions then moved to computer and phone shops. It’s one thing to sell a trouser and a whole different ball game selling a pc or the latest smartphone/tablet.

It is a well known fact that men frequent the computer shops more than ladies, hence the ‘brilliant’ idea by the shop owners to put beautiful ladies as attendants. However, if a chic can’t tell the difference between a SATA and IDE hard disk, then she is doing the shop owner  a lot of dis-service. I will not even venture into lost business due to lack of up-selling which they can use their charm on men to do.

Akirachix  is a society for ladies interested in technology.
Akirachix is a society for ladies interested in technology.

The male friends I’ve had this discussion with seem to agree with me on the need for someone who will do more than fetch, write a receipt and clumsily pack the items ordered.

We need to remove the stereotype that a lady cannot be a beauty and still know her bits and bytes!!

If you have ever tried asking the phone shop attendant the difference between a Nokia Lumia, a Samsung Galaxy S4 and a Galaxy note!

One has a bigger camera and it has face book and twitter

Maybe the very brands that sell their products in those shops ought to take it upon themselves to enlighten the girls or some college offer a specific course on “How to sell in a IT gadget shop” or better still, Akirachix can help this desperate situation.

I had a nasty experience a few days ago in one of the shops on Kimathi St.  The chic reduced herself to a mere messenger….. I would ask details on a certain laptop I was buying and she would in turn ask the only  dude in the shop! I failed to see her purpose.

Maybe the men should tell us if they like the status quo?

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