We are entrenching the culture of mediocrity

I don’t support Babu Owino’s ‘a comrade is always right’ style of leadership. Even when he was battling those old folks on the 19th floor of Anniversary Towers. And I strongly feel that Charles Ringera’s team shouldn’t handle students like HELB is a favour. It is a loan, not a grant! Delaying those funds have made people miss their exams! Babu believes that ‘comrades must eat chicken.’ It can be loosely interpreted to mean ‘comrades’ will do what they want when they want and how they want.

Basically, that has always been his modus operandi. Who else would swing on police station doors and drink whisky straight from the bottle in front of the police officers? And go untouched?

But just because I don’t like Babu’s mode of operation does not mean I support constant harassment by the State whenever he is deemed a threat! So with his latest arrest, with no clear reason given, I was in support of his base demanding his immediate unconditional release.

But our police force, who only receive instructions from ‘higher places’, are not people to be moved by hashtags and bitter online vitriol. So His Tibimness stayed behind bars for two days.

PR gimmicks

Until Hon. Johnson Sakaja showed up at Pangani Police Station and demanded his compatriot’s release. If Babu had known that was all he needed to secure his release, he could have given Sakaja a call the moment they put handcuffs on him. We live and learn, I hope Babu Owino now has Sakaja on speed dial. Because we all know this is not the last time higher authorities will be frustrating him.

After that ‘heroic’ act from the Nairobi senator, social media exploded with praises for him.

“Sakaja should be the next Nairobi governor.” “Sakaja is the only sober politician in Kenya” Bla bla bla.


We are being fed PR stunts for political mileage. We are being blackmailed.

“Whoever is trying to use the criminal justice system to score whichever goals, should stop. And if you are in the police force and you think by doing this you are helping Jubilee, you are not,” Sakaja said while flanked by Owino.

If the Embakasi East MP was unlawfully arrested, did they demand action be taken against the officers for overstepping their mandate? And when is that action being taken? Will they continue pushing until it is taken?

It is time Kenyans stopped being blackmailed with cheap emotions. We always end up being taken for a ride and on our own.

Mediocre society

Mike Sonko was mtu wa watu before he got elected the Nairobi governor. Everyone thought he would make a good governor because he punched walls and spoke the people’s language- sheng.

Three months into his leadership and everyone is mourning about hawkers and street gangs that steal even wigs in broad daylight. And oh, and his own gang- The Sonko Rescue Team- won the county tender to clear garbage because ‘county workers supposed to do the work were sleeping on the job.’ Those county workers he has allowed to sleep on the job were still on the payroll, while their duty was being taken off their hands. Meanwhile, you are still stuck with your stinky garbage.

Former Nairobi County deputy governor trying to prove that he is working, hours before resigning

His deputy, before his resignation, tried the emotional trickery by asking on Twitter what should be done to a herd of cows ‘impounded’ from a poor herder. It backfired immensely with one guy even asking if they don’t return impounded cars to their owners. There were, however, a few idiots terming Igathe’s actions as an act of bravery.

Point is, Kenyans have been fed so much mediocrity that they no longer know what they deserve. We no longer have standards. Being served our rights is made to look like we are getting favors.

Our traffic officers have the guts to tell us that they only accept bribes in thousands. We would rather die in road accidents than call out drivers for reckless driving. By the way, if you get into a full bus, don’t look at me expectedly. I am not giving up my seat! Get off and wait for another bus. Simple as that.

No favors

How many of us have lost loved ones because you couldn’t afford to bribe the county ambulance driver? A driver who is paid from your taxes and is mandated to serve you?

Is there any parent who hasn’t been asked to transfer their kids to other schools just because they tried to hold the administration accountable for the fees they pay? Is it not an open secret that you won’t be attended to in a hospital until you bribe someone? I don’t even want to go into Kenya Power.

The only person who can be said to be doing us a favour is Omkiya Omtatah. You can argue about him being funded and all that, but his battles are for the public interest. From the Lamu coal plant to soft drinks excise duty, to night travel ban among many others, he has always fought for us. Without expecting us to erect a statue of him in every public space available. Or doing it for political ambitions. It is nothing but a favour, a love for his ordinary countrymen.

Elected leaders are not doing us a favour when they serve us. It is their duty. It is not a favour when they seek to make Kenyatta National Hospital safe for its patients. They are not doing us a favour when they make our roads safe for us. The national government and the county government of Nairobi are not doing us a favour when they deal with Nairobi gangs. We don’t owe them any rewards, except to demand more services.

Let us not allow mediocrity to consume us!

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