Wall Decor Ideas to Spruce Up Your Home

Is your home decor looking a bit dated? Sometimes all your home needs is an injection of colour or art to bring it back to life. Home decor does not have to cost the earth, accessories can be the answer to sprucing up your home.

Appreciation for Kenyan art and style is growing within Africa and internationally due to its deep roots in the culture, religion, and history. The cultural sculptures, masks, and tapestries can be used to draw the eye in your home. Be inspired by unique African shapes, and breath-taking colors and spruce up your home with some beautiful wall decor.

Wall Art

Whether you are an artist in the making or you just enjoy the works of other talented painters, there is always a piece of inspiring wall art that can liven up your home.

A large canvas centered in the middle of a neutral wall can give your home a more contemporary look or it can give a rustic feel, whether you prefer images of the latest modern art or just love to look at an endless landscape. Your visitors will be mesmerized by an eye-catching piece of art hanging above your patio. A view of the endless African landscape or an image of a majestic eagle will make guests feel at home. Just ensure you choose one designed to withstand the Kenyan elements.  

Murals or Tapestry

Instead of using wallpaper or paint to brighten up a large, blank space in your home, why not look at a wall hanging, tapestry or mural instead?

Many homeowners in Kenya are looking for home decor accessories made from environmentally-friendly and biodegradable materials, therefore, there is a larger market for attractive wall hangings. The real beauty of these tapestries is that you can take it wherever you go if you choose to move home. Choose one in vibrant colors with traditional African themes to bring some culture into your bedroom or sitting area. 

Feature Paint

A can of spray paint and some stencils can make a huge difference on a blank, neutral wall. Simply choose stencils in a bold design to fit your theme and spray away.

Those with an artistic streak may even be able to paint free-hand. This is ideal for a child’s bedroom as it can easily be painted over so choose your child’s favorite cartoon, movie or book and build your theme around this. Why not use a special brand of paint for effect? Scented paints, glitter paint, paints which add texture and liquid wallpaper are new intriguing paint styles that can be found on the market and will make your walls more eye-catching. 

Mothers who love to dip into art and crafts will love to come up with fantastic new design ideas and accessories to revamp the home. You can even involve the kids with the new layout, enjoying hours of wall decorating fun.


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