Viva to black women standing up against oppression

The arrest of Bobi Wine in Uganda and the subsequent protest for his release has brought to the fore, some of the bravest women in the face of oppression.

First off is his wife Barbie Itungo Kyagulanyi who has been fighting to see him after alleged reports that he had been tortured by police. She has now become a voice against the treatment of her husband and the others tortured by the police.

In an interview, she said she knows that ‘it has just started’ in reference to the tribulations her husband is about to go through in the hands of the regime.


Aside from Barbie, Ugandan women have also risen up against the horrendous event in the country. In a now-viral video, Madam Ingrid Turinawe can be seen in a confrontation with police as she tries to make her way to church. She is seen removing the barriers erected by police in what has been termed as a courageous move.

Such acts are a reminder of what the wives and daughters of some African leaders had to go through just because they were against an oppressive regime. Winnie Mandela suffered at the hands of the apartheid government and under constant raids at her house, banished from travelling and even detained for her role as Mandela’s wife and an activist against apartheid.

The same can be said of Coretta Scott King, who together with her husband Martin Luther King had been under surveillance by the Federal Bureau of Investigation because of her husband’s activities. She also had to fight for many other aspects of her life with King, including keeping his memory alive with an MLK day and centre.

Closer home we could talk about Wangari Maathai who stood up against Moi’s excesses in the 1990s, She was among the people who pushed for the multi-party system in Kenya, fought against the grabbing of Uhuru Park and even the arrest of young men by the regime.

The list of these brave women is not conclusive as Africa is blessed with women ready to fight for the human rights and peace and prosperity of the common Mwanainchi. To them, we say VIVA!

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