10 Support Resources in Kenya for Various Victims and Situations

Rape, abuse, and violation of women rights have become rampant.  The sad part is that most victims of abuse do not have someone to help them through such difficult periods, or do not know where to begin looking for help in the first place. They not only fail to get justice, but they also lack moral, financial and emotional support to help them in their troubles.This, therefore, means that they have to live with the pain for the rest of their life.

All is not lost, however, as there are a number of organizations who give a voice to the voiceless and fight for the well-being of abused victims. They also seek to protect the vulnerable before they turn into victims. Afromum compiled a list of such institutions;

1.Childline Kenya

Resource Focus: Abused Children

What they provide: Childline Kenya provides a 24-hour toll-free helpline for any Kenyan child to report abuse and receive counseling. The organization, through childline 116, rescues children from their abusers, provides them with post-trauma counseling and if need be, provides medical care, education, and legal support.

Location: Kirichua Lane, Nairobi County

Helpline: The helpline (116) is operational round the clock while their email is active during working hours. They also have a Whatsapp line- 0722116116, through which you can chat with them anytime between 7 am and 6 pm.

Website: www.childlinekenya.co.ke

2.Wangu Kanja Foundation

Resource Focus: Survivors of sexual violence

What they provide: “Restoring dignity to survivors of sexual violence” headlines the foundation’s website.

Having gone through sexual abuse herself, the founder knows better the pain and trauma rape victims go through every day in their lives. Wangu Kanja was carjacked and raped by her one of her tormentors. When she reported the incidence to the police, they only recorded it as robbery and to today, her rapist still walks free.

Wangu uses her ordeal to help other victims and lobby for change in how sexual abuse is handled in Kenya. She founded the Wangu Kanja Foundation.

Location: Mukuru kwa Reuben, Enterprise Road

Helpline: The foundation has set up a helpline where women can report rape, then they are connected to healthcare workers and paralegals to handle the procedures required to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Call:          +254-722 790 404

+254 774 746 699

Website: www.wangukanjafoundation.org



Offering support to victims of gender based violence. Photo courtesy; GVRC- Nairobi Women’s Hospital

3.Gender Violence Recovery Centre (GVRC- Kenya)

Resource Focus: Abused women

What they provide: GVRC-K is a nonprofit charitable trust of the Nairobi Women’s Hospital seeks to bring back meaning and hope to abuse survivor’s lives and their families. The trust provides free medical care and psychological support to victims of gender-based violence.

Location: Nairobi Women’s Hospital, Hurlingham

  Helpline: 0719638006

Website: www.gvrc.or.ke

4.Kenya Sex Workers Alliance (KESWA)

Resource Focus: Sex workers

What they provide: Sex workers are more than often exposed to violence from their clients and the society in general. They sometimes face barriers in accessing services, resources, and justice. There are few or no laws that give redress to the plight of sex workers in Kenya.

KESWA envisions a Kenyan Society that recognizes sex work as work and promotes the foundational democratic principle of equal protection of human rights.

The organization seeks to bring an end to human rights violations against sex workers and to build an environment where they can enjoy their rights just like other people in the society.

Location: Kasarani @ Pazuri Place building

Helpline:0720 333 141, 0707 225 813

Website: www.keswakenya.org 

5.Centre for Assault Recovery of Eldoret (CAR-E)

Resource Focus: Victims of sexual abuse

What they provide: CAR-E was established by the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital in partnership with other bodies such AMPATH, Kenya Police, German Development Cooperation and the Legal Aid Centre of Eldoret. The Centre was established in May 2007 after a growing increase in the number of survivors of sexual abuse at the Accidents and Emergency department. It aims to offer a safe, kind and respectful environment for diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of sexual and gender-based violence.

Victims can receive inpatient and outpatient services at the facility 24/7. The victim can also get temporary shelter until they are physically and psychologically fit to be on their own. Upon discharge, they do follow-ups for six months and also do have support groups.

Location: Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital, Eldoret

Helpline:+254 532033471, +254 53 2061005

Website: www.mtrh.or.ke

6.Gender-based Violence Recovery Centre- Coast Province General Hospital

Resource Focus: Survivors of rape

What they provide: It was set up in 2007 as a result of a public-private partnership between the Ministry of Health and International Centre for Reproductive Health. The center provides quality care for survivors of rape, sexual violence, and sexual exploitation.

Victims can receive medical attention, psycho-social care, legal support, referral for specialized care and counseling for their families too.

Location: Coast Province General Hospital, next to the casualty/emergency unit.

Helpline: 254 20 2179519 / 2179521
Airtel 0734 466 466 , Safaricom 0722 208 652

7.Divinity FGM Rescue Centre

Resource Focus: Fight against FGM and child marriages

What they provide: The centre rescues young girls from female genital mutilation and child marriages. They provide safe residence for girls at risk of FGM and sponsor their education. The centre also has programs for trauma counseling and subsidized healthcare through community clinics.

Location: Inkisanjani, Oloitoktok Sub County.


8.CARA Girls Rescue Centre

Resource Focus: Rescue and care for homeless girls   

CGRC aims to provide a safe and loving home for the children during their stay as well as ensuring they have access to medical care, counseling, education, food, shelter and clean water.

Location: Kibiko, Nairobi. Working in conjunction with the Kenyan Government’s Children’s Office, the centre caters for up to 40 girls who are victims of neglect, abuse, female genital mutilation, incest or early marriage.



9.Brenda Boone Hope 

Resource Focus: Rescuing girls in danger of abuse

What they provide: The centre facilitates the rescue and rehabilitation of girls who have gone through or are at risk of abuse- sexual, physical and psychological. The centre also offers training for the survivors to promote self-reliance. It has a capacity of 30 girls at the residence but reaches up to 100 through their outreach programme.

Location: Meru.

Helpline: 0724098986

Website: http://www.brendaboonehopecenter.org/


10.Women’s Rights Awareness Programme (WRAP)

Resource Focus: Violated women and children

What they provide: Started in 1994, WRAP caters for the needs of abused and violated women and children in Kenya. The organization later expanded to also cater for unaccompanied minors who have been violated. They provide alternative accommodation and related supportive services like legal advice, medical care, trauma counseling, marital counseling, mediation, reconciliation, resettlement, and re-integration.

WRAP also undertakes to educate communities on causes and effects of gender violence and child abuse.

Location: Mvuli Lane,off Thika Superhighway,Opp Muthaiga Police station

Helpline: 0722252939, 0721367677, 0722258550

Website: www.wrapkenya.com



  You can contact Niskize if you  just need a listening ear 

Resource Focus: Anyone who needs a litsening ear

What they provide: Niskize is a 24hr counseling call center that was created by former KTN presenter Kendi Ashitiva and her partners to give people an opportunity to let out feelings and emotions in a safe non-judgemental place! The main mission of this outfit is to reduce the stigma around counseling and get people talking to counselors at the touch of a dial.

Helpline: 0900 620 800



 The list is not exhaustive. There are other organizations and individuals that go out of their way to provide solace to those affected. If you know of any or have an organization that can help, reach out to us on our social media platforms;

@afromum on Twitter  and  on Facebook 

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