Valentine’s day gift ideas for your husband

Valentine’s Day is almost here!

Over the years, I have found that getting gifts for someone you’ve been with for a long time gets tougher every year. You have used up all the gift ideas you can think of. You are literally stuck because you’ve given almost everything cool you can ever think of. You need a miracle!

Worry not. I am here to give you a fresh and somewhat new perspective on that dreary journey towards Valentine’s Day gift shopping. If you’ve already thought of or used these ideas before, no problem. Maybe something else might just inspire you to move in a certain direction and give your loved one that perfect surprise.

The Value of a gift

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We all know how hard it is to give men presents. Sometimes they can be so lukewarm in their reactions that we end up feeling like we wasted our time getting them the gift. This is why I like to approach Valentine’s Day gift giving in a money value versus sentimental value kind of way. My suggestion here would be that you if you are going to get your spouse a gift whose value largely lies in its monetary cost, then couple it up with another gift that is of sentimental value. Or vice-versa.

I know you’re thinking, “Gosh, two gifts? That’s way too expensive!” Hold your horses. Let me explain with examples.

1.Gifts with monetary value

A gift with monetary value does not necessarily mean it has to be expensive. It can be something very simple. It can be a t-shirt, watch, cell phone, a barbing machine, etc. It can also be a car, a bicycle or even a jet! Anything that requires you to spend money to obtain but it has no particular sentimental value to the person. You are simply getting it for them because you can afford it or simply because it’s quite handy and they have a use for it. Here are some fresh ideas to inspire you:

A tailor-made outfit.

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This can be a t-shirt, shirt or a pair of trousers. I am not talking about you grabbing some random t-shirt at the local store and then going to a printing shop to have the name of your spouse printed on the back or front. No. I am talking about you finding a specific fabric or print, choosing a specific design and having a whole new outfit made for them. It would be better to go for a design that’s not very common. But also not too overwhelming in design. Work with their taste and design that outfit for them.

2.A mini home bar

This one is for the woman with the hubby that likes to drink out A LOT. Or maybe not. How about creating him a bar fortress right at home where he can chill alone or with his buddies? The idea obviously sounds grand, expensive too. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

There are a lot of construction ideas on the internet on how to design and build a wine bar in your home on a budget. It can be inside your home or outside. There is plenty of good wood in Africa. You can start from there. Ask your friends for ideas and together find the cheapest and easiest way to get that mini-bar for your hubby. He will love and hate you for it at the same time!

3.Latest sound system or Navigation system for his car

Technological advancements take place almost every single day. What is latest and cool today might just as easily be old-fashioned the next day. This one works best for the hubby that spends most of his time on the road.Your husband probably already has a great sound system in his car. But the question is; is there room for an upgrade? So how about getting him that upgrade before he does it himself? You can sit back and watch the pride on his face as he tries out his brand new sound or navigation experience.

4.Gifts with sentimental value

These types of gifts may or may not cost money. Their value mostly lies in some sentimental aspect to them that connects them to the receiver. However, the thing with sentimental gifts is that not everyone can appreciate them. This is why I suggested that they are accompanied by a gift of monetary value. Some examples of gifts with sentimental value can be;

5.A pot of plants/flowers/tree

Almost always, men send their wives flowers on Valentine’s Day. These are mostly bouquets. Switch things up by giving him flowers instead this year! Except, not a bouquet. Get him a special flower or plant in a beautiful flower pot. The type of plant should have some sentimental or symbolic meaning. It can’t be just any flower. It should speak to some special meaning between you and your spouse.

You can Google the meaning of thousands of flowers online. I would suggest settling for a plant that won’t require the receiver to spend so much time taking care of. If possible, get one that doesn’t need constant watering. Watch the plant or tree grow together. It is a long-lasting gift.

6.A framed Vintage photo

Here I am not talking about just any picture. I am talking about a picture that cannot be found just anywhere. It can be a childhood photo of your husband that he does not have in his collection. Or it can be a picture of him and his siblings. Or a picture of his parents. These are rare pictures from a time when cameras weren’t so easy to come by. Somehow as we grow older, they got passed on from one family member to the other.

How about you set out on an adventure and find that one special memory captured in time for your hubby? Get all the relatives on board this project and let them help you trace that treasure back in time.


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