Hosting this Easter weekend? Try out these meals

Easter weekend is not complete without food, especially for most people who will be spending time with family and friends. While going out to enjoy meals at restaurants and food joints is a great option, there are many others who opt to whip out a festival of foods at home.

If you are planning to host over this Easter weekend, here are some of the meals you can try out.

Deviled eggs for Breakfast
Deviled eggs
Deviled eggs

This is one of the easiest meals to prepare. You all need hard-boiled eggs, with a firm white and soft but creamy yolk.

The best thing about the deviled egg is that you have quite a number of fillings to try out. From cheese to avocados to bacon, you can try out as many as you can.

Roast Lamb

For people who love meat, roast lamb is the way to go.

Roast Lamb

Since it is already tender, you will not need to marinate it. According to Jamie Oliver, the lamb should be removed from the fridge one hour before cooking. The advantage of the lamb roast is that it can be stored in the fridge for three days, meaning you can enjoy some left over meal on a different day.

This meal can be for lunch or dinner depending on your needs.

Easter Dessert

Many people love dessert, and fortunately there are quite a number of options for the Easter weekend. Keeping up with the Easter spirit, you can try out desserts inspired by the season.

Bunny cupcakes

This bunny cupcake recipe is simple and easy to make. It can be a great session for you and the kids to bond.

You can also opt for an Easter chocolate egg for desert. You will need egg moulds for this and lots of chocolate.  The best bit of this (apart from the eating) is decorating the egg with different patterns or a special message for the season.

Easter Egg

If you a looking for a more Kenyan meal, check out these authentic dishes we compiled for you.

Happy Easter!

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