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You already know that bringing up children is harder than bringing them into this world, what you may not now is that there is a different set of rules for raising sons from those raising daughters. Little boys are known to be rough of the edges, crave dangerous games and thrive on being daredevils. This is as opposed to little girls who are usually more composed. The dynamics are also different when raising sons as pimply teenagers. It can get overwhelming during any of the stages of life and there is nothing wrong with getting help from books to help you do your best. It does take a village to raise a child after all doesn’t it?   Here are five books you can curl up with this weekend.


  1. Strong Mothers, Strong Sons


From childbirth, the mum is everything to her son but after a few years, he starts to push her away. As he grows up, the boy will encounter unique pressures and challenges and it can be overwhelming for the mother who needs to rebuild or strengthen her relationship with her growing son. In this book, author Meg Meeker, M.D who is also a mother of four, national speaker and assistant professor has laid it bare for all the mothers with sons.

Through this book, mothers will get the confidence and strength to raise boys. In the book, you will find practical advice, education and encouragement concerning their role of advising boys, expressing their love, values, how to avoid traps of mothers with boys and surviving hard times.

  1. Boys Adrift The Five Factors Driving the Growing Epidemic of Unmotivated Boys and Underachieving Young Men

As compared to yester years, your average boys today are not as ambitious and resilient as they were. In most countries, the men and women attending and graduating from college is steadily widening. In this book, Dr. Leonard Sax draws from his twenty years experience and uses scientific methods to explain the reasons why young men are disengaged at home and failing in school.

He defines the biological, cultural and social factors that have made things difficult for boys. Also in the book are strategies and practical solutions that educators have found effective. You will get tips for dealing with issues such as medication, homework and video games.

  1. Raising Cain: Protecting the Emotional Life of Boys

This book is by Dan Kindlon, Ph.D., and Michael Thompson, Ph.D who are both leading psychologists. Through the combines efforts f the two who together have thirty-five years working with boys, a mother will learn about raising sons who are silent, angry, sad and afraid. They answer the question of What do boys need that they’re not getting?

They bring to light the forces that threaten their existence as well as the destructive emotional teachings and miseducation. The two insist that emotional literacy is the best gift to give to sons. Also in the book is how to avoid holding boys to unattainable standards of manhood. You will also get good advice on the emotional and social challenges within the school setting and how parents can use empathy and awareness to go through their most trying years.


  1. Mother and Son: The Respect Effect

That mothers dote on their sons is not a secret, but while love is very important, respect is the key that you can use to open your sons heart. This book by by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs, will show you that respecting your son can bring the best out of him. Most fathers are celebrated when they do not love their daughters but no one ever calls out mothers when they do not give the much-needed respect to their sons. Get this book and learn how to show your son some respect!

  1. What’s Happening to My Body? Book for Boys: Revised Edition

If you are a single mother this book by  Lynda Madaras may be of great help to you since you may not have a good male to talk to you child about the changes that their bodies will experience in their pre-teen and teen years. The author has use straight talk to address the changes in their voice, shape and size. You will also get invaluable insight concerning their exercise and diet.

You will also get information that you can use to talk to your boys on sensitive matters like AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, steroid abuse, acne treatment and birth control. To aid you more, this bestselling edition also entails real-life stories and illustrations as well as an introduction to parents that will act as the ideal guide for boys from the age of ten years onwards. You shall not have to contend with awkward conversations or being tongue tied as your little boy starts to notice changes in his boy.




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