To Baptize or Dedicate your child; when Faith becomes a family matter

Child Baptism


Child Baptism
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I was born and brought up in a  Christian family, ACK (Anglican Church of Kenya) to be specific, back when it was CPK. Baptism for me as a kid, confirmation and all the other church rituals were therefore not optional and the same applied to all my cousins. I have since dropped the use of my baptism name for various reasons that I will not belabour at this point(The long and short of it is the subject of some of my poetic pieces).

Our first born daughter was dedicate when she was about a year or so with the 2nd born due later this year. However, this is still not enough according to our relatives who have made it clear in very many words. Our kids still need to be Baptised and before they reach the age of 4 years.

Religion has lately become an interesting subject of discussion in our household and unfortunately, not in very good light. Having come from different faiths, him Catholic and I Protestant, we decided to get a neutral church as neither of us was willing nor too bothered with conforming to the other’s choice.

We therefore do not see the big deal in baptism so long as we make the due diligence in our kids learning that God exists. This, however, does not sit well with our relatives who are still convinced that Baptism is a family value that any good parent must adhere to.

So, what happens when, as parents, you do not think it very necessary for your kids to be baptised yet you also do not want to seem dis-respectful or stubborn to your in-laws?

I know for a fact that Baptism of children is not biblical because one has to confess Christ for them to be Baptised, it is therefore a dogma that is so ingrained in a lot of Christian faiths that most do not realize that, in the Bible, children were actually dedicated to God and not Baptised ( don’t worry, I will not quote you verses, am sure you can do your research)

However, if you think you will get away with this line of argument with your relatives, then you are up for some tongue lashing on how you have now become a radical yet you went through the same rituals. I have therefore downplayed this discussion under the guise that, its not a decision I can make alone. Am not sure how much time I  can buy.

Your thoughts, experiences and advice are most welcome.

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