Thinking of a quiet Easter holiday? These little known places are just what you need

Is it only me or does anyone else think that the Easter holiday has crept up when most of us are not well prepared for it? It seems like we just celebrated Christmas and during the electioneering period so many people were anxious about travelling so they spent it where they normally live which is in the cities and major towns.

Valentine day was in the middle of the week and it is possible that you just want to get away from it all after the Easter mass on Thursday evening or early Friday morning.

If you are thinking of a getaway, how about trying out these little-known places that will not only give you much-needed peace but also ensure your pockets are not that dented. I know many people will not really care since it end month but there is life after Easter holidays as well so you cannot afford to overspend.

Here are some of the beautiful and enchanting places in Kenya that you can try out with your family,

  1. Usenge Beach in Bondo

I had gone for the burial of a friend in Bondo, Siaya and to be honest I did not expect to find this gem. After the burial, we were asked if we wanted to visit the area and I was totally surprised. You will enjoy the peace, tranquillity and be one with nature, you almost forget everything that is in your world. You can walk on the pristine beach, take a boat ride or visit the historical Got-Ramogi, Goye Beach, Mageta Island and Bur-Dimo Shrine, among other tourist attraction sites.

One of the options regarding accommodation is asking a family you know to host you. It may be cheaper but it defeats the purpose of being alone in the first place. There are a number of guest houses charging between Sh250 and Sh1,500 per night. You can also stay at resorts such as the Crystal Charlotte Resort, located two kilometres from Usenge Town.

  1. Sosa Cottages in Vihiga County

Hidden in Gisambai Village in Vihiga County is the Sosa Cottages The place derives its name from the Luhya words Sosa which means rest. The resort comes with 40 rooms, cottages and suites overlooking the horizons of Lake Victoria.

At the resort, you will enjoy manicured lawns and tranquil gardens, which offer a unique blend of relaxation and comfort in a village setting. You and your family will enjoy traditional culinary delights during your stay.

If you love sightseeing you will enjoy amazing rock formations around the area, ancient Maragoli prehistoric caves of Jemenyi, Kilweye and Kapkorosi; marvel at the footprints of Jesus! Yes!  You can also take a trip to the Crying Stone of Ilessi and Tindinyo waterfalls.

  1. Kyaka Hotel in Machakos 

When a former classmate invited a bunch of us to visit Machakos I rolled my eyes because I knew we would end up at the Peoples Park. I have nothing against the park, only that I had been there several times and my daughter enjoyed it more than I did. I only agreed because I love road trips and it turns out that we were going to Kyaka Hotel in Machakos town.

This is another hospitality gem and it’s perfect for a couple’s getaway or trips with a group of friends for fun. There is a big lounge where you can enjoy some privacy as a group. The hotel is located on Kaloleni Hill, 12 kms from Machakos town.

It is here that vehicles and water defy Isaac Newton law of gravity. When you pour water on the slope, instead of it flowing downhill, it goes up the hill with admirable ease. It is also on this hill that when you switch off your car engine and free the gears your vehicle goes up the hill instead of rolling downwards!

You can also visit the Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park, located about 85km North East of Nairobi in Machakos.  It has a mountain covered with forest, and buffaloes are the dominant animals in the ecosystem. The park is also a home to bird species like bronze sun-bird, grey tit, ring-necked dove and others

  1. Impala Sanctuary

Parents who will be travelling with their children can try the Kisumu Impala Sanctuary, which spans about 38 ha. It was created to provide a home for threatened Impalas within Kisumu city and its environs and a safe grazing area for hippos from the lake. As one of Kenya’s smallest wildlife reserves, it is a holding area for animals in need of special protection in the densely populated area.

The Impala Sanctuary is not far from the Hippo Point and features 3km of nature trails and a selection of picnic sites. The Sanctuary’s focus is herds of impalas and zebras, which roam freely in the sanctuary. This is where it derives its fitting slogan: A Lakeshore Walk with Impalas.

You will also enjoy the sundowner tower, which will offer you a romantic setting on the shores of the great Lake Victoria. Whether it is a family getaway or just a romantic one or the two of you, this will be an ideal place to celebrate your Easter holidays. The Sanctuary is open daily from 6.00 am to 6.00 pm payment is only by cash.


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