The switch to a Tecno R7, my phone chronicles

My first phone, a motorola c115
My first phone, a motorola c115
My first phone, a motorola c115

My first phone was a Motorola C115, the one most people joked about saying, when dropped, it bled ( it had a red screen). I never got to confirm that joke thanks to Njoroge along Tom Mboya street. Since then, I have used Nokia, ZTE, Samsung phone brands and currently, a Tecno.

Kenyans love using the phrase “Mimi ni (insert brand/team) damu. I was Nokia damu before the smartphone revolution. The revolution came with the heavy incense of Samsung courtesy of my tech blogger friends ( @Mwirigi @uqweli @kachwanya and @martinGicheru).

HTC - Quietly Brilliant
Three different models of Samsung phones later in a span of less than 2 years, I was ready to try out HTC. This preference was informed by several international tech blogs that consistently featured HTC among the top 10 best mobile phones in the world today

How I ended up with a Tecno R7 and my take 3 months later is the essence of this article.

This post will not dwell on  phone specifications such as processor speeds, RAM, internal storage etc. Having done tech support for some years, I’ve realized most guys don’t care about specs. All they want to know is ; Can it play videos, can I get whatsapp, will it make me look like am with it? (Few people actually utilise 100% of their phone features but I digress)

I had asked my phone supplier to bring me HTCs. Apparently, they are not as easily available. The guy brought a Tecno R7 instead and took the next 30 mins convincing me that I would not regret buying it. Finally I took it with certain conditions.

Tecno R7
A Tecno R7

Phones have gone beyond being just communication tools. When you take out your phone, place it on a table, start texting or take a photo, a lot can be said about you without as much as a word uttered. Phones have become status symbols.
The bigger the better. It doesn’t matter if it can’t fit in a trouser pocket. Most middle class Kenyans are Samsung damu. Its the brand that says, you not only know what apps are, you are classy”. This group comes only second to iPhone users to whom Apple is a cult that once you join, all electronics have to be an expression of the genius Steve Job.

The Tecno brand was, for a long time associated with cheap dual sim feature phones. That was until they unveiled the Phantom range which targets a very different market segment. With smart phones that have similar if not higher features and specifications  compared to  their rivals Samsung, yet at a fraction of the cost, Tecno has brought the best combination  to thousands of youth and young professionals who want a fancy phone but don’t have a budget of Ksh. 50k plus.

3 months later, am glad I decided to try it out. Look out for my next post on what I like about the R7.

PS. This whole post was written from my Tecno while in transit to bunduz ( yes I live in the diaspora) as I listened to DJ Eric’s 6hr Old school mix.

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