The input of parents in their child’s growth and development is vital

I believe that by now we have come across the Nike advert featuring Serena Williams training under her father. He is heard painting a bigger picture to the then little Serena as she works through her serving. All through the video, Richard William’s voice is a constant reminder that Serena can do it.

It is such a heartwarming and revealing videos that show how important it is for parents to uplift their child and remind them of their ability to conquer the world. Such encouragement could change the life of a child for the better.

The secret is in determining when to keep them going and when to let them quit as long as it is coming from the child.

Here are the ways you can show support to your child all through their journey.

  • Invest in your child in terms of time and money. Learn what your child is into and how you can help them work things out. Affording them the right resources to achieve their dream could be the push they need for them to be great.
  • Tune into how your child learns. Every child is unique and thus they have unique ways of learning. Some may be visual, others tactile but whichever the case, find out how well your child learns and try to practice with them.
  • Connect her interest to the bigger picture. Don’t only focus on the problems at hand but make sure the child sees problems and solutions in a bigger picture. Just make sure that it is suitable for their age and learning stage otherwise you will make things more difficult and complex for them.

These aspects should also be connected to learning outside the classroom. From sports to organisation at home support from parents is vital for the child as it has the following benefits:

  • Both the parents and child enjoy a deeper interaction
  • It leads to improved self-esteem and self-worth as well as improved confidence and better behaviour
  • The child sense of security will be increased with the knowledge that they have the support of their parents.
  • This interaction will also be vital in the future when the child becomes a parent as they will have a basis on how to raise their children as well.
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