The Coca-Cola World Cup video advert offends Female Football Fans

The Coca-Cola 2014 World Cup Logo
The Coca-Cola 2014 World Cup Logo
The Coca-Cola 2014 World Cup Logo

The World Cup  2014 started early this month in Brasil and Coca Cola is once again an official sponsor.

Coca cola has always done some great adverts for previous world cups including musical anthem like the memorable ‘Wavin the flag’ for the World Cup in South Africa in 2010. Their advert  this year and anthem have been the  worst ever. The anthem is not memorable and the advert is sexist.

The worst part about the ad is that its quite purporting that women can not be genuine Football fans, that most are  either clueleslly cheering when its already half time while others  only cheer when the players take off their Jerseys after scoring.

For a brand that has positioned itself to appeal to all sexes and age groups, it sends the wrong message to, not just ladies who might consume their beverages . to true female football fans, its a direct insult.

I personally know various Kenyan female football fans including Carol Radul who presents Saturday Music and sports  show on Kiss FM radio.
I admit that most ladies are not into football and some are not even bothered by which country is hosting the world cup this year but that should not be  reason enough for coca cola to play along with this stereotype.

As someone who cares less for the world cup, I have had to watch a few minutes of it lest we become strangers with the mister in the house.
I have caught the ad thrice and I find it insensitive every time. Most lady and even friends  feel that though it was meant to be satirical, the satire is lost to many during the stereotyping of the only 2 female actors in that video.

What are your thoughts on the ad?

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