Tatu City owner Stephen Jennings to hold a public lecture

Tatu city
An artistic impression of the Tatu City
An artistic impression of the Tatu City

Since the inception of Tatu City in 2008, alot of controversy has mulled this multi- billion shilling project that was envisioned to be one of the biggest undertakings in real estate development in Kenya.

Underlying Tatu City’s design is a visionary concept that was aimed to shift urban development in Kenya from the familiar single node model to a decentralized urban environment. By doing so, Tatu was going to de-congest the City of Nairobi by offering a unique live, work and play environment for an estimated 70,000 residents and 30,000 day visitors.

The project though started in 2008 did not progress beyond the plans and the artistic 3D visualisation due to director wranges and  court battles that lasted until July this year when Construction of homes in the multi-billion shilling Tatu City was formally kicked off in a major breakthrough.

Indeed, the 5 year wait caused alot of anxiety among hundreds of buyers and investors in the project whose investments worth billions of shillings had been rendered idle since 2008. This is why the owner or Tatu City and the founder and CEO of Rendeavour Stephen Jennings has embarked a series of activities to set the record straight on Tatu Talk.

Jeff Koinange Live

Jennings shall be appearing in today’s edition of JK Live later in the evening to speak about not just Tatu City but also on Rendeavour which owns more than 30,000 acres (12,000 ha) of land in the urban growth trajectories of major cities in Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Working in partnership with world-class experts, local developers, governments and local communities, they create large-scale, mixed-use, mixed-income, satellite cities. Their developments are designed as integrated live-work-play urban environments, free of the infrastructure deficits of neighbouring city centres. They will act as catalysts for growth along the corridors that connect them to the city.

Public Lecture Jennings will on Thursday 17th September, hold a public lecture at the National Museums of Kenya Louis Leakey Auditorium from 6pm. This will be an opportunity to engage with him in a one on one conversation about his vision for urban development in Kenya and Africa as well as what prompted him to choose Africa after his exit from Rennaisance Capital the firm he held for 17 years.

Online Conversations
His team at Tatu City has also started online conversations in order to provide more information regarding the progress  of the urban development.

Follow the conversations using the hashtag #TatuTrueTalk and plan to attend the lecture on Thursday.

About Stephen Jennings
Jennings is an investor from New Zealand and has over 20 years’ experience investing in emerging markets as well as in New Zealand, Australia and the US. Among many other ventures, he has also had his hand in the Russian stock market, a venture he undertook at a time when nobody else was willing to try.

Jennings is now investing in Africa through Rendeavour where his main form of investment is urban development. He’s investing in many African countries including Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, Congo, Angola and Kenya. One of his investments is Tatu City.

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