Here are some Sunday school memes you will enjoy with your child

Any parent who goes to church every other Sunday is grateful to whoever came up with the bright and very noble idea of having a Sunday school for kids who accompany their mums.

It is never that easy when you are in the main sanctuary with your child and they keep wailing at the top of their lungs because they are hungry. The wailers are normally blessed with very healthy and clear lungs to aid them when necessary. Most of us are forced to carry entire supermarkets to church to pacify our kids when they start crying for food. Others have to carry packed food from home.

Then there is the naughty one who will run around the aisles and God forbid they get a friend and run all the way to the altar where they momentarily make the pastor lose focus in his bid to prevent you from going to hell. At this point, other judgmental mothers will be giving you such dark looks that you will wish to take yourself to that hell if only to escape their looks.

Having kids in Sunday school gives you the assurance that they are fine as you sit in church and wait to hear what God has sent for you. While there, they will also get some spiritual nourishment to guide them in life, after all, it takes a village to raise children.

Sunday school has played such a big role in our lives and having been there forever, its dynamics are not only interesting, educating, enriching but funny as well.

Below are some memes that highlight special and funny dynamics between children, their Sunday school teachers and parents. Am sure you will be able to relate despite where you fall in the above categories of people.

1. This one says it all. It is not easy to be in charge of five children let alone nineteen children. Some will be jumping all over, someone else will be pulling little Peggy’s pigtails and another one will be protesting that they do not like a particular song and so on. Large churches assign more than one teacher to their classes, woe unto you if you have to be in charge of more than thirty children.

2. Not only children have this problem, quite a number of people do not remember what the preaching was all one they step out of the church gate. I think this is why some churches urge their congregations to bring a pen and notebook to church.

3. Well, I don’t think many people know the difference anyway.

4. I was a victim of this and my mother would talk to everyone in her path ranging from the pastor, his assistant, choir members to other members of the church. She would also engage my Sunday school teacher on how I performed in her class, to what end pay tell. I, however, I play differently and never subject my child to this torture. After the service, we make a beeline for our home because our pastor tends to get carried away and by the time he is done with the service, the hunger pangs will not let you greet a single soul.

5. This one cracked me up and it must be a difficult task to be in charge of the donuts. This, basically means that whoever is in charge of the donuts or other goodies will not concentrate on the preaching and at that age, I guess that is a small price to pay as compared to not getting a donut.

6. Many parents have admitted to being in this position especially when it comes to scripture verses or knowing personalities in the bible.

Then after getting your child from Sunday school and saying the last blessings, the adults will be out of there in seconds!

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