Stimulating hair growth in kids

Child's hair growth stages

The rate of hair growth in kids is  about a quarter-inch every month. The hair will grow out of follicles for two to six years before reaching a resting phase that lasts about three months. After the rest phase, hair starts to fall out. The normal rate is 50-100 strands of hair a day. There are varying textures of African hair. However, stimulating hair growth is possible, given the proper hair care especially from an early age. Below are 6 simple steps to stimulating hair growth for your daughter.

Child's hair growth stages
hair growth stages

Step 1
Hair reflects a child’s overall health. Step one of stimulating your child’s hair growth thus undoubtedly is their diet. Feeding your child junk food in lieu of healthy vegetables and soups and carbonated drinks as opposed to water and milk will retards hair growth and result in their hair looking unhealthy and lifeless. Good nutrition is the solution to dry and brittle hair as well as retarded hair growth. Feed her nutrient dense fruits and vegetables including yellow vegetables. These are rich in vitamin A which promote a healthy scalp glands. Dark green vegetables and tomatoes, citrus fruits and strawberries that are rich in Vitamin C essential for its anti-breakage properties. beetroot and green leafy vegetables are rich in silica and vitamin E which improve hair quality and support hair strength.

stimulating your child's hair growth
Stimulating your child’s hair growth

Step 2.
Feed her eggs for breakfast.
Eggs contain manganese and B vitamin biotin which prevent hair loss. As hair grows,it usually goes into a three-month resting phase. Lean meats like chicken and fish also help prevent putting hair at a resting phases. Fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids which promote your child’s hair growth.

Child's hair growth eggs and avocado
Child’s hair growth eggs and avocado

Step 3
Feed her whole grain cereals like oat meal, Weetabix which are rich in vitamin B Biotin. Biotin stimulates Keratin production. Keratin is the protein from which hair is made. Oat meal is rich in zinc which prevents hair loss.

Child's hair growth stimulation oatmeal
Stimulating hair growth by eating oatmeal

Step 4
Wash less and condition more.
Sulfate free shampoos and lots and lots of conditioner are essential for healthy hair. Sulfur causes excessive drying of the scalp thus is the hair growth enemy. Conditioner provides moisture and softens the hair making it manageable. Braid your child’s hair into small ropes after every wash and ditch the hair dryer. Pre-poo – pre-shampoo treatment where you use conditioner with coconut oil on your child’s hair and then braid it loosely overnight before shampooing is an effective conditioning treatment for hair.
A wash or two a month and as many as five to seven times condition treatments are sure ways of stimulating hair growth.

Child's hair growth stimulation sulfate free shampoo
Child’s hair growth stimulation sulfate free shampoo

Step 5
Avoid pulling your child’s hair.
Avoid using rubber band styling and braids on your child’s head. Instead, go for pig tail hair dos that are not strenuous on their hair. When styling her hair, use nice soft cotton head bands.

Step 6

Child's hair growth stimulating oils
Child’s hair growth stimulating oils

There are so many types of oil in nature proven to help in stimulating hair growth. They are best used in the pure and organic state and not as ingredients in processed hair food. Olive oil, castor oil, and wheat germ oil all stimulate hair follicles while maintaining hair strength as well as good health.

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