Step up for the Women you love this Steptember; A Cervical Cancer Campaign

Women 4 Cancer Nairobi Globeathon walk
Cervical Cancer
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Less than 7% of cervical cancer patients in Kenya are getting the optimum treatment needed to eradicate the disease, leading to unnecessary deaths – a study by The University of Manchester scientists reveals. 

Cervical cancer is caused by infection with human papilloma virus (HPV) and is more than five times more prevalent in East Africa than the UK.

Dr Innocent Orora Maranga, who carried out the research as part of his PhD under the supervision of Drs Ian and Lynne Hampson in Manchester and Dr Peter Gichangi in Nairobi, said:
“I am constantly surprised how few people in the UK know about the extent of the cervical cancer problem in East Africa which has the highest incidence in the world.
“The main issue is that, like many other low income nations, Kenya does not have a cervical screening program to detect the disease in its earliest stages or even the resources to treat this appropriately.”

Women for Cancer Early Detection and Treatment [W4CEDiT] or simply Women 4 Cancer is a registered local NGO formed to address the stigma associated with Cancer through Educative Communication Campaigns, Encouraging Early Cervical Cancer Testing, and Improvement of Cancer Recovery Rates by the year 2020.

In conjunction with the Globe-athon,  they have organised a campaign dubbed ‘Step up for the Women we love’ – a walk in Karura Forest on Saturday 27th September.

Their ultimate goal is to facilitate and ensure that Cancer Early Detection and Treatment is accessible to at least 4 million women in the next 4 years starting 2013. They intend to engage in an active 4 year campaign targeted at reducing the incidence of Cancer of the Cervix  through screening, and roll out to other cancers.

Take time out and go for this walk,  enjoy the scenery  and  provide support for the Women you love.

Women 4 Cancer Nairobi Globeathon walk


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