So many cereal brands yet so little choice in breakfast items



What do you normally take for breakfast? You might be in one of the following categories;-

a. You rarely take a proper breakfast ( mostly a cup of coffee, tea or a fruit) and then you are off to start your day

b. Your breakfast is not so elaborate, a toast of bread and tea

c. You are health conscience thus you rarely take bread. You mainly eat actual food in the morning or you opt for a healthy breakfast dish, sweet potatoes, arrow roots, tea/coffee and some juice  or a fruit

d. Your breakfast is quite elaborate complete with cereals, sausages, yoghurt, bread, juice, fruits etc.

I never miss breakfast which I consider to be one of the most important meals in a day. I am however not much of a bread person. I prefer sweet potatoes or arrow roots or Mandazi which I find more filling.

In the last few months, we have been experimenting with a lot of different brands of cereals mainly because we felt that the girls now need more breakfast variety & reduce on the daily intake of high proteins (sausages & bacon) or too much carbohydrates in form of bread only.

I thought that all kids loved Weetabix but as it turned out, nothing is given with kids. You have to try different items for breakfast, try out different Cereal brands (some of which you will end up eating yourself) till you get the one that they like eating every morning.  The muesli brands as it turns out, offer  a much more healthy alternative to the cornflakes brands or the others which end up looking like an infants meal once mixed with milk.

The Naturalli Muesli brand range available in some Kenyan Supermarkets
The Naturalli Muesli brand range available in some Kenyan Supermarkets

There has only been one problem. They companies that make good muesli are few and they seem to be experimenting not just with the variety but also with the pricing. We had picked Naturalli whose pricing and quality  was quite good in comparison other brands. The brands seems new on the market thus distribution is still quite sporadic in some of the Kenyan  Supermarkets that stock it like Uchumi and virtually non existent in Nakumatt.

With fewer people taking bread in every morning due its cost and nutritional value, there is a variety of things that you as a parent with young kids, can experiment with in the mornings. Its important to moderate your family’s intake of highly processed proteins like bacon, sausages, brawn or hotdogs. Good alternatives to healthy proteins in the morning can be nuts of different kinds like peanuts, walnuts or cashew nuts either eaten separately or added to the morning cereals.

Most cereals brands nowadays are constantly responding to market needs by coming up with different varieties to their products as many consumers become health conscious and want to eat more healthy breakfast cereals other than just corn flakes.

I found myself having to try out the Temmy’s Nutrifit raisin & Bran as none of my preferred brands were in stock both at Uchumi and Nakumatt. The taste is blad and I doubt I will be buying it again. Despite there being so many cereal brands out there, it seems like many are still preferring cornflakes to other substitutes such as granola, oats or bran.

I’ve noted that my local Uchumi has now stocked Naturalli again and am not sure when next they will stock it seeing that it took them almost a month to restock.

What are some of you preferred breakfast items? talk to us.


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