Simple Ideas On Preserving Memories For Your Child

It is amazing how fast children grow and even unbelievable is the fact that they grow right in-front of our eyes! One day, you look up and find a teenager has replaced your little baby, just like that. It’s a bitter-sweet reality but one that is unavoidable.

As parents, we have the ability to create and preserve wonderful memories for our kids, so that one day as they look back, they will see that their childhood was filled with love and happiness. After all, memories give us the stories of our lives.

However, with a busy schedule, it is easy to forget to capture or recording down important memories of your little one.

To help you cherish the memories, here are great ideas we have identified on what you can do with a collection of photos, clothes, toys and other memorabilia, that bring back the sweet memories of the journey of both motherhood and childhood.

Collection of photos

Is there anything more guilt indulging than taking if not taking zillions of photos of your little one? Personally, I am guilty as charged, I just can’t help it. As parents, we want to capture every single moment and the availability of smartphones or cameras has made ‘photography’ the new motherhood addiction.

I absolutely love taking photos of my little girl, some are simply perfect, while others require me to press the delete button but I still don’t (because even though her face was blurred out, her dress came out beautiful) and so I would want to save that photo too.

As a result (clearly of not letting go), it’s easy to end up with hundreds of photos in too many folders using up every available storage space on all your devices.

So what do you do with all those pictures you have accumulated over months or years because sending them to the recycle bin is definitely not an option!

Well, there are several ways you can preserve photos, videos, and other files. Thanks to the technology today, digital storage is easy peasy and a click away.

Google+, Cloud Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive: These are great concepts for saving photos and videos online. Basically, they offer online storage space that allows you to save all your photos, videos, music, files and any other data under one roof and makes it easy to access, organize and update all your data from your device.

You do not have to be a techie to use these features and all I can say is this is the best idea I have come across in a while. Apart from the major security, you receive if your device gets lost or crashes, these services allow you to clear up your storage room and create a space for many new captured moments.

Emails: Another alternative to digital storage is sending your photos to an email address that you have created. It’s really simple, you can create an email address in with child’s names preferably and send photos/videos to that email address for as long as you want.When they turn 18, you can give them the password and they would most definitely be ecstatic to see all those precious memories frozen in time.

Since most photos we take today are already in a digital format, it’s pretty easy to upload and send the photos together with any other information such as sweet messages to highlight a moment.

Photo book: A photo book is pretty much a fancier name for the family albums we had when growing up. Most of those albums have seen better days, and your photos may be hanging on to the thin torn sheer paper for dear life. I think with movements from one house to another or towns, photos get lost or torn along the way.

It’s even harder to keep track of when a photo was taken with too many photos stacked up together in one family album. Today, there are many print options available that can help you create a well-organized photo book that is basically resistant to external tear or damage.This is a great way to keep photos.

Unfortunately, a photo book can only accommodate a given number of photos per book. Regardless you can save the best photos and create a photo book for each child with their names engraved on the books.

Alternatively, you can buy a recording book most focus between 0-5 years and detail each developmental milestones accompanied by pictures of each stage that you can stick on the book. A scrapbook is also a fun way of preserving photos.

Old Clothes

Can the moms who are still holding on to their baby’s tiny clothes please stand up! I used to think it’s nonsense holding on to a baby’s clothes since they never get to wear them again until I had my daughter. Now I can’t seem to let go of some clothes that she has outgrown.

While it is easier to give away some of her older clothes, there are those that remind me of a special occasion like her coming-home outfit, christening dress, first Christmas shawl, am even holding on to this one feeder that says ‘I love you, Mommy’.

Since letting go is obviously a tough decision, you can store up some of those precious clothes for keepsake and probably when your kids grow up this would be a sentimental gift to their own kids.

A memory box is a great way to store clothes alongside other small items such as a favorite toy, ultra sound scan, hospital tag, and congratulatory cards. It can be created basically from anything, you can use just a simple box, just be sure to add a few decorations and labels to give it a personal touch.

Still, if you are not keen on storing up old clothes, you can cut pieces from each cloth and turn the different combined pieces into a beautiful quilt that you and your little one will snuggle up in and share forever.

Craft It

Maybe you have memories that you cannot store physically, and that’s where your creative personality should awaken. With crafts, you can re-live any memory and have it transformed into a masterpiece of art that will be unforgettable.

Some of the fun options here include imprinting baby’s itty-bitty hands and feet, later framing the craft. You can also imprint an old stuffed toy or get a painter/sketch artist to do one of your child’s best picture.

Many of these crafted items can be printed out and used to decorate a home or office space. School artwork also makes colorful wall decor. Don’t be afraid to enjoy these precious phases, kids grow too fast!

Whichever angle you chose in preserving your child’s memories, remember that as they pass each developmental milestone, you can try as much as possible to create a memory lane that will give them a sense of belonging when they eventually grow up. Make sure that memory lane is as beautiful as they are.

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