Should Arimis Milking Jelly be re-branded to a skin care product?

Arimis Milking Jelly is the dairy product being used by many Kenyan women for their skin care
Arimis Milking Jelly is the dairy product being used by many Kenyan women for their skin care
Arimis Milking Jelly is the dairy product being used by many Kenyan women for their skin care

Arimis Milking Jelly has been used by several Kenyan women over the years for several different purposes despite being labelled for use on cow’s udders before the process of milking. Arimis Milking Jelly is basically pure petrolatum, a key ingredient in a variety of lotions and moisturizing skin products. Some mothers swear by the product, claiming it has worked wonders in treating diaper rash. So why was it trending on Twitter?

Celebrities like Tyra Banks have in the past revealed that petroleum Jelly is one of their biggest beauty secrets.

The discussion can be traced back to The Cutting Edge, a recurrent forum in the Daily Nation. A reader wrote in to recommend a re-brand for the milking jelly, which currently has a cow on its packaging.

Arimis Start
The original comment appeared in the Daily Nation on Tuesday 12th May 2015

A few days later another reader sent in their hot take on the matter:

....which led to the online discussion
….which led to the online discussion


Several users came out in defense of their favorite skin care product, which many had been using for different purposes.

There are those who kept wondering why women would use dairy cow products while others just found this whole discussion quite hilarious and chose to dwell on the humor around the discussion

For those who have used the product either on their skin or for their children, many were supporting the rebranding the product as the current image on the tube makes it embarrassing for a lot of women to use it in public spaces

Others felt that a lot of Kenyan Women were misusing the product which is only meant for dairy purposes.

The underlying concern in this online debate is that, despite there being thousands of beauty products for women readily available and being advertised daily, these products are still not serving a certain population of women mainly due to the many chemical compositions found in these products and the excessive marketing that promises to make one look like  Makeda only for women to spend so much money with no results.

There is some validity to the argument being made by the women calling for the re-branding of Arimis not just for their use but also for use on children especially those that suffer skin conditions such as eczema.

A lot of the decisions that women make on products they use either for household purposes, beauty or child care is based on word of mouth recommendations from friends, family, colleagues and peers. My colleague Njeri who has 2 daughters swears by Arimis and so do many other women who recommend it whenever they can.

The use of Arimis is a huge opportunity to the numerous Beauty product companies out there and not necessarily to the company whose sole customer is the cow. The only question is, will the likes of Beauty Options, Inter-consumer products and others to use this free research to come up with a suitable product that has all the ingredients of Arimis but without the picture of a cow on it. They could call it Arimus for all we care.

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  1. rayawambui Reply

    Why lie! The stuff is amazing! I have eczema and get rashes from perfumed products. When my daughter was born, I found out I had passed on my sensitive skin the hard way. At only 6 days old she got nappy rash from ‘baby products’. Arimis is the only thing that worked to cure it, and I had really resisted using it (probably because of the branding) but my grandma insisted, and she was in so much pain, I would try anything.I will never use another product on her again. It soothed and healed her and has prevented any reoccurance of nappy rash for 5months. I recommend to any mom, to ignore the branding. Its perfect stuff.

    • admin Reply

      HI Loise,

      Our apologies for the very late response (we have no excuse for this). Where are you based? Let us know so that we can best advise. Am guessing you are not in Kenya.

  2. Clare Reply

    For those of us who can’t afford the matte lipstick due to unavailability in the village, Arimis helps your kawaida lipstick to last longer (I actually found this by accident and I’ve tried other jelly brands and none works the same way)

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