Self Respect Goes a Long Way Ladies

Society nowadays and especially social media dictates how and when a woman makes it in life. Sad reality is that many young ladies are falling into this trap where all they do is impress internet strangers for likes and follows. Nowadays there’s this notion that you have made it in life when you become an overnight sensation and the only way to gain that kind of fame is by going nude.
Young girls want to feel loved, appreciated and in case they feel like they aren’t getting all this at home they turn to strangers on the internet. One wouldn’t miss a video or a photo of a semi nude girl on Instagram or Facebook on a good day as they scroll down their timeline. A few ladies in Nairobi have enriched themselves this way, they now live the high end life, drive big cars, globe trot and live in the leafy suburbs. These well known ladies started off as “socialites” and when the fame came knocking they ventured into other businesses such as clubs and music video appearances.


Nairobi Diaries is a reality TV show focusing on the lives of Kenyan socialites
Nairobi Diaries is a reality TV show focusing on the lives of Kenyan socialites

When today’s youth see this they also want to move up the ladder quick without having to work much for the money. A few will be lucky to land deals but some just end up miserable when the stunts fail. I have personally heard of a few Kenyan ladies that have been used and dumped after the predators are done using and misusing them. These ladies are used as sex slaves or drug traffickers for a small amount of money until when the law catches up with them and they are left stranded and all alone.

Why can’t we go back to the days when the youth had ambition and the zeal to work hard and earn a decent living? Dating an older married man or a sponsor as they are called nowadays for money has become the in thing, just walk into clubs during evening hours and you will not fail to spot an old man having some great times with a young girl. These sponsors will buy them all the gifts you want, fly them to different countries for vacations and rent apartments for them while all they do is just sit doing nothing until the day they are dumped and left with nowhere to go.
Who will come to the rescue of our young girls? ladies, it’s time we realize that time waits for no one and every single passing day dictates how our future will turn out. Quit trying to impress people you don’t know for internet fame because it all fades at some point. Go to school get your degree, get a job and climb up the social ladder the right way. The only thing that will never be taken away from you in this life is education. The nude photos and videos won’t get you a husband, sure you will be approached by a few men but they’ll only be interested in what they see online.
As parents we need to be more open to our daughters, you might think that all is well not knowing what that they may be going through tough times trying to get recognition out there. We need to look back in time and ask ourselves what our parents did and how they managed to raise us to be disciplined individuals.

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