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House of Virgody
House of Virgody
Some of the bags from House of Virgody

Accessories lend a crowning touch to any ensemble. They jazz up your outfit and give it a completely different look.Most ladies have numerous items in their closet and the only thing they need to do in order for them to go from “last season and boring” to “totally trendy” is learn how to accessorize.

Accessories will help you stand out, they will also help you save money and you’ll always look fabulous! However accessories get forgotten as we head to the counter with purchases draped over one arm. While we sometimes get distracted by the gems, shades and sequins at the impulse table before you check out, they really deserve more attention. After all, accessories are a relatively inexpensive way to add style to any look.

Here is a list of great links on which you can get great fashion accessories at affordable rates within Nairobi.

1. Bisera Collections

Earrings are a great way to express yourself. The type you choose say a lot about you. Whether your looking for conservative studs for the office or gold hoop earrings for a night out on the town, Bisera Collections is your one-stop shop for jewellery.

There is a wide array of earrings, chains and watches as well as designer wallets. All these are available at affordable prices. For example, This elegant double zipped wallet goes for a purse-friendly 1000/-

You can also find Bisera Collections on Instagram as bisera_allure

(Deliveries are done in the C.B.D. daily from 5:30pm
Call,message or Whatsapp 0717841293 for inquiries.)
2. House of Virgody

A cheap looking bag will make even the best ensemble look barely average. So if you really want to know how to accessorize take my advice and invest your money in House of Virgody. This distinct multidimensional house contains refreshingly original jewellery and accessories that is of expertly crafted museum quality. Its timeless vintage and African inspired elements and materials provide a striking custom design that make it applicable and accessible for any personality, gender or age.
House of Virgody has a wide range of jewellery including custom-made bracelets, rings, anklets as well as tablet and laptop bags, backpacks and travel bags. Bags like these range between 600 and 3000 shillings.
You can find House Of Virgody on Tumblr as well:

(They are located at Way World Beauty- Nairobi West Mall.

Call 0700500200 for enquiries.)

3. Moran Apparel

Shoes can add to or destroy an outfit, so, for purposes of fashion, footwear can double as an accessory.Shoes are by far the biggest indicator to your own personality. They are always hand-picked by you and they are the most individualistic part of your outfit.

Moran Apparel is described as ‘Authentic African clothing for the Urban African’. These shoes are the perfect sole for a beach holiday, a bush safari or a sunny day in the city. And you’re always guaranteed to find a good sale on their Facebook page.

Find them on Twitter:
Order them via their inbox and they shall deliver anywhere around Nairobi.

4. House of Ella, Kenya

Although clothing does not make the man the right clothing can give him precious seconds to make his case and influence others.For the latest in men’s fashion look no further than House Of Ella. Whether you’re looking for stylish men’s dress shirts for the office or men’s polo shirts for a casual weekend with friends, they cater to the modern Kenyan man. These comfortable blue loafers () are a steal at only 2,500/-
If you’re also looking for a gift for your lady, there are amazing pairs of shoes available as well.

House Of Ella is located on Kenyatta Avenue and is open from 9am to 6pm.
For enquiries call 0717887528.)

5. Marilyn’s Curated Collection

If you are searching for unique, affordable and captivating jewellery pieces, look no further than Marilyn’s Curated Collection. There is a gorgeous selection of brooches, collar pin necklaces, ear cuffs, statement necklaces and much more that you can find on this amazing page.

(They deliver anywhere on Ngong Road, Hurlingham and the C.B.D. any day of the week.
Contact 0728240426 for any inquiries, orders or requests.)

6. Afrustic Collections

Last but definitely not least is Afrustic Collections. This online shop stocks a variety of authentic African goods such as luxury African bags (leather, ankara and moran), scarves for both him and her and jewellry for the ladies. There are constant offers on the page and awesome giveaways. The products are of an extremely high quality and worth every penny. For example you can keep warm in the upcoming chilly months with these swanky infinity scarves  retailing at 1,000/- only.
Check out their website:

After you have browsed through their collection and made enquires, you can pay them through their LIPA NA MPESA Buy Goods number: 924179 and await delivery. They deliver for free within the CBD. Parcel charges on items to be transported anywhere else within and without the country.

Do you know of any other great pages? Let us know!


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