Sanitation and hygiene contributed heavily to the beauty industry in Africa in 2017

For many people, basic hygiene and proper sanitation are easily accessible and highly prioritised and thus, the need for products such as soap and bathing products have been on the rise.

This was proven in a recent report by market research provider, Euromonitor International, which indicated that overall beauty industry in Africa in 2017 saw a value growth of 9.5 per cent, placing it ahead of global mature markets which posted a growth of 3 per cent.

The research featured nine African countries: South Africa, Angola, Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, Nigeria, Tanzania and Ethiopia.

Photo: Euromonitor

According to the researcher, the increase in the sale of essential beauty products are as a result of new consumers who are embarking on beauty and personal care regime for the first time.

“In terms of local currency growth, for the 9 countries, growth was an average of 12,7%. Cameroon, Ethiopia and Angola registered double-digit growth as can be seen here on the map. In some of these markets, as disposable is increasing, consumers are embarking on a beauty and personal care regime for the first time. These ‘new’ users are fuelling growth in the mass and essential product segment” the report says.

Further, sanitation campaigns in countries such as Ethiopia have also seen the push for basic products such as bar soaps.

“An improvement in basic hygiene and sanitisation is leading to growth in basic personal care products such as bar soap. In Ethiopia, the government, multinational companies and NGOs have been running campaigns promoting good hygiene habits such as washing one’s hands with soap to prevent diarrhoea.”

The findings were presented yesterday at the ‘Africa Home and Personal Care Markets’ conference whose theme is “Formulating for Africa’s new Consumers!”.  The conference aims  to provide insights into Africa’s rising beauty, personal and home care markets, addressing diverse hair care demand including Afro/curly/natural hair, laundry detergents growth potential, brand owner’s development plans, procurement challenges & expectations, technology innovation, sustainability goal, raw materials trends, packaging design and channel review as well as in-depth analysis on countries in South Africa, East Africa, North and West Africa.

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