Are you sabotaging your relationships? Find out if you failed in any of these areas

Every woman dreams of being legally married to a man she really loves someday.  Getting to see your sweet pie beside you is probably the best thing you could ever wish for in life.

It’s clear to all that you can’t reach this phase without a rigorous dating process that is usually filled with ups and downs. However, it doesn’t go well with all people.

You get to meet this polished, gentle and handsome man who has the body physique you’ve always craved for. By all means, he is your Mr. Right. He is that guy who only existed in your dreams. Things start rolling down gradually.

He approaches you with the intention of dating you. Being your dream man, you cannot turn him down. The first phase of your love life is filled with ecstasy. You feel on top of the world. It seems like he is Romeo and you are Juliet.

Then it happens… Jinxes! The love of your life starts losing interest in you. The programmed calls and chats are no longer there. The sweet words, surprises and outings are long gone. You start feeling like a liability to him. Well, this could not be bad luck as you think and no your great aunt did not pronounce a curse on you. You could be unknowingly sabotaging your relationships.

Below are some of the checkpoints if you’re treating your guy right


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For any serious relationship to bear the desired fruits, enough time must be devoted to it. Though your schedule maybe tight, create some little time to be with your partner. It may not always be physical but create other avenues such as calls and texts. Your man will always be waiting for that moment when you’ll reach out to him.

   Pour your heart out

There is this thought that a woman cannot approach a man and let her feelings known to him. You cannot be in a relationship with yourself. It takes two to tango. Some ladies will extend this even in their relationship life. Let your man feel and know that you really love him. Keeping mum makes him start doubting you.


 Be independent

Activists and the international community at large have for some time now championed women’s rights including equal sharing of resources. Don’t let your man take you for a gold digger. Yes, he’s the sole provider but if you’ve got a good job too, get to help where necessary.

Trim your ignorance and arrogance  

Men also like attention from their spouses. That’s why a considerable number of men will always seek solace elsewhere, prompting them to engage in extramarital affairs. It might not be purely about sex as many think. Attention is Paramount. Ignore him and you’ll be shown how to handle him better by a smart lady.

Be there for him

Unlike women, men keep a lot of secrets. It takes a very smart woman to earn a man’s trust. When he is in turmoil and struggles he won’t tell you that easily. However, assuming that you understand him, you’ll get to notice. Help carry the burden. This will triple his love for you.


The easiest way to a man’s heart, especially for the married, is through your cooking prowess. Don’t cook chapatis that are of indefinite shape. This tells a lot about you. Let him not crave for restaurant foods. Make him always yearn for your food.

     Be orderly

Ladies are considered the brains behind smart men, beautiful houses and elegant children. No man would want to take home a girl who cannot coordinate her make-up and lives in a messy room. It leaves less to be desired.

Don’t  entertain other men

Granted, no man is an island, however, if you are committed to your relationship, don’t entertain other men. This prompts your man to be jealous and seek for rebounds. In the process, he gets to meet a Lady whom he’ll definitely consider better than you. Remember greener pastures are always the best.

Strive to make your man the best – every person in life has his or her own weaknesses. Never shy away from correcting him. He’s not an angel. Don’t assume he will definitely realize his mistakes. It shows your commitment to the relationship by doing so.

Although they look and sound quite simple, these things make the difference in many relationships. Do not go about branding other women ‘husband snatchers’ if you know you did not play your role well. Just as your man tries hard to impress you, return the favor before it is too late. You don’t know the real worth of a person till you get to lose him or her someday.


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