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My company is barely 1 year now and although I have been in Tech for the better part of my working career, most who know me only know the Artsy side. More often than not, I am asked,

But how do you combine tech and art?

Easy, a blog and now Safari Tales.

However, I have learnt more in the last 3 years while carrying out research for the app than I have ever before.

If you are thinking of venturing into what my friend @RoomThinker calls, the MVitus or Mobile Applications, then one of the most important things to ask yourself is;

Is there a problem for me to build a solution or am I just building a fancy app that no one needs?

Safari tales Logo

I have written extensively on why I started work on SafariTales. However, not finding local digital content for children is probably something only I have encountered. Thus I needed to test the idea and confirm that indeed, a problem exists.

I will be writing about the journey  on the SafariTales blog and also sharing some insights here but for now, here’s a list of the resources that every startup founder should know .

Learn Startup Model

Incubators, growth hubs, 

Startup Seed FundingVCs, Funding & Angel Investors

Raise $150,000 in 15 days for 15%

eVA Fund is the first Venture Capital (VC) fund dedicated to ICT/Digital Media companies in sub-Saharan Africa. Founded in 2010, by entrepreneurs with a strong track record in Digital Media, and with a passion to actively support entrepreneurship in Africa, thus far, eVA has invested in 7 startups, 4 on Kenya, 1 in Ghana and 2 in South Africa.

88mph makes investments in early stage mobile-web companies targeting the African market; focusing purely on ideas with potential to scale across Africa. They invest up to US$100k per startup and make investments simultaneously in 10-12 startups.

is a technology, media and telecommunications sector-focused Venture Capital Fund Manager, investing in the greater Eastern Africa region. It specializes in carefully selected investments in technology, media & telecoms growth equities. EACP is currently actively investing funds from the $100m ATMT Fund 1, in the East African region.

(formerly PoweredbyVC) is a Southern African growth equity fund manager focusing on technology-enabled ventures It investment focus is on high growth, high impact technology-enabled businesses from South Africa and other frontier economies across Sub-Saharan Africa.

has also entered the sub-Saharan Africa market. Marcin Hejka, managing director, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa for Intel Capital explained “Intel Capital is investing in the broad spectrum of technology opportunities including content, software and applications, consumer internet, e-commerce, data center and services; we are able to invest in technology companies at all stages of development, though majority of our investments happens at expansion stage”.

is a seed capital fund specializing in US$25,000-US$500,000 investments in early stage high growth technology startups in sub-Saharan Africa.

1. Business Model Generation by Alex Osterwalder
2. The Lean Startup by Eric Ries
3. Running Lean: Iterate from Plan A to a Plan That Works
4. Hatching Twitter: A True Story of Money, Power, Friendship, and Betrayal
. The innovator’s dilemma by Clayton Christensen.

1. The Next Big Thing
An initiative of Business Daily – a Newspaper by the Nation Media group, the competition is about helping you make  ideas come to life through support, sponsorship and mentor ship. 20 great ideas will be picked by a panel of experts who will then guide them on how to present their idea to the business gurus and investors.
Award a cash prize of USD 3,000 to the best idea in the Media and Entertainment category.
Offer advisory services through business forums to all the 20 finalists.

Showcase all the finalists and selected ideas by the panelists on a special pullout in the Business Daily and on NTV.

Frequency: Annual

2. Safaricom AppStar
The Challenge offers  an opportunity to go up against other developers both locally and internationally for a grand prize of $12,000.
Whether you code for Android, Blackberry, Symbian, Java or iOS, show the world your dev chops & put your app on the map!

Tablets and smartphones worth $3,000, a second runners up prize of $4,000, $6,000 for the first runners up and the $12,000 grand prize

Frequency: Annual

3. Intel Shark Tank
The inaugural competition started last year at the iHub. Borrowing from the Shark Tank format, Intel Kenya was  looking for apps that were developed in 2013, which have not yet gone through the major tech competition circuit .


  • Galaxy Tab 3
  • Asus Fonepad
  • Yolo Smartphone
  • The overall winner received a $5,000 marketing package, in which an Intel-approved agency will create a marketing campaign for the app.

Frequency: Not yet known


4. Pivot East

Pivot East is East Africa’s premier mobile startups pitching competition and conference held annually since 2011. It is an m:lab East Africa initiative to amplify and consolidate the gains of East Africa’s Mobile developer and entrepreneurship ecosystem.
PIVOT East 2014 will take place from Tuesday 24th June 2014 – Wednesday 25th June 2014 In Nairobi, Kenya

Frequency: Annual

5. Africa Connected
Aan initiative by Google in collaboration with our partners, aimed at discovering and promoting amazing successes achieved on the web across Africa. Our ultimate goal is to educate and inspire many more people to get connected on the web to achieve their own success.
Google is offering up five prizes of $25,000 each to the most inspiring stories established on the continent where the web has played a pivotal role in achieving success.

Frequency: Not yet Known

6. Demo Africa
DEMO Africa is the flagship initiative of the Liberating Innovation in Opportunity Nations or LIONS@FRICA partnership, an innovative new partnership aimed at enhancing and deepening startup and innovation ecosystems of fast-growing African economies.
The inaugural DEMO Africa event took place last October 24-26, 2012 in Nairobi, Kenya. It provided a platform for 40 of the most innovative technology products from companies across the African continent with the opportunity to launch before a global audience of investors, media, strategic buyers, C-level executives and other entrepreneurs.


  • PR support and communications training with a public relations specialist
  • Demonstrator presentation review with a professional coach
  • Technical rehearsal with the DEMO Africa production team
  • On-stage rehearsal and feedback
  • On-site demonstration coach
  • Post-event promotion of launch video on DEMO Africa site

Frequency: Annual

7. Ericsson Application Awards
The Ericsson Application Awards is a global app competition with two main categories: one for students and one for companies.
This year: A jury will select the best apps that address the theme of Apps for Working Life in each of the categories.

Developers, startups and individuals from around the world can submit their Android and iOS mobile apps ideas from among which winners will be selected and awarded cash prizes ranging from EUR 10,000 to EUR 25,000.
The deadline for submitting entries to the 2014 edition of Ericsson Application awards is the last day of this month – Friday February 28.

Frequency: Annual

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