Here are some of the most resourceful Facebook pages in Kenya

Social media has totally revolutionized the way we do things and common platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are now rivaling Google as the go-to places for people who need information. If you are one of the people who depend on Facebook for information, I am going to help you narrow down your search by pointing you to some of the most resourceful groups on the platform. Here some of the most resourceful groups,

1.52 weeks Savings Challenge

Saving money comes naturally to some people but to others, it can be an uphill task. For the latter group it is often included in new year resolutions but after some time things change and before you know it its December and you do not have an extra dime to your name art from your salary. The 52 weeks Savings Challenge group is derived from the 52 weeks of the year and members in this group are required to save a certain amount every week until the end of the year.

To start saving, you need to open a savings account with a bank (different from your salary/current account) and deposit your savings there. You can also join a money market fund or save in a Sacco savings account. Apart from learning how to save, people go to the group to ask for the various businesses opportunities they can start with either a small or large amount of capital.

There are also days specifically set aside for those people with job offers to help others in the group. The group admin, Felista Wangari has also been gracious enough to let people dispose of the household good that they do not need by selling them to anyone who can afford.

  1. Buyer Beware

Controversial and full of outspoken members, Buyer Beware is one the most influential and goal-oriented group on Facebook in Kenya. Basically, Buyer beware is a platform that gives you the opportunity to complain about bad products or services and also exposes con people who may want to make away with your money.

In cases where the money has already been fraudulently taken, they try to get it back for you. The group that boasts 97000 members There have been successful cases in the group where money was returned to its owners, debts have been paid and where companies have had their right of reply after accusations, followed by amicable solutions.

  1. Glam My home   

This group is fairly new and if you want to get interior design tips on how to make your house beautiful and glamorous, this is the best place to be. There are also market days where sellers are allowed to sell any household goods, decorative pieces as well as furniture that they do not need anymore.

  1. Kindergarten Support Group

The Kindergarten support group is a group that was formed by parents of kindergarten going children. Being a new parent to the education system has its own challenges such as getting the right school for your child, the teacher-parent dynamics, and how to deal with kindergarten kids. This group will help you navigate all these challenges.

  1. Who is moving out I move in

If you are house hunting, this is the best place to get leads. There are quite a number of property agencies and individuals who post numerous vacancies that you can let or buy. There are also reviews of the various estates and the best agents to use.

  1. Use Household Items in Kenya

Not everyone can afford to buy new household items for their homes for various reasons. This group makes it possible for you to own basic household items at affordable prices. All you need is the patience to go through the posts to identify the things you want. Do not settle for the items on the first post as you could get a better deal if you are patient enough.


  1. Pregnant Mom Support Group

Formed in 2013, pregnant mom support group has helped to usher many naïve and wide-eyed women into motherhood. The group is very resourceful especially when it comes to the best hospitals to use when delivering your baby, information about how to handle yourself when pregnant,  what to expect in the various trimesters and so on. You will also get people who match your expected date of delivery for bonding and possible future friendships.

  1. Glam Life

The final look of a woman entails many things among them well-done hair, nails, eyebrows, makeup, and jewelry. You can find information about all these and then some when you join this group. There are also market days every Wednesday where various people sell everything to do with makeup and you can buy online from them. You can get the contacts of the best salonists and makeup artists from the page as well

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