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Our blog articles with a list of resource material and contact information such as available GBV centres, cancer treatment and screening centres, music schools, children’s homes, homeschooling, special needs schools, adoption centres in Kenya have become some of the most popular posts on AfroMum. We are now making it easier for you to access and store these lists.

You can now download our lists, guides and resource material onto your phone or laptop for easy access, referral or to share with fellow parents.

If there is a list you’d like us to work on or if you have one you’d like us to share with fellow women, email our editor at editor(at) afromum (dot)com.


cancer screening centres

Cancer Screening Centres in Kenya


safe houses for gbv victims

Safehouses for victims of gender-based violence in Kenya


*Kenya's vaccination schedule

Kenya’s vaccination schedule for pregnant mothers and babies


mental health resource centres

Mental Health Resource Centres


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