Why Online Classifieds are the future market places


The Internet has revolutionized the way we do everything. We have pretty much become dependent on the net for everything,from news updates to information and entertainment.  It also has changed the way we search for and buy products and services. Manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers have discovered the importance of having an online presence as their clients are also active on the Internet which enables them to access their clientèle easier.

Cell phones and specifically smartphones have accelerated that rate of access to the internet with over 70% of Kenyans accessing the internet, not from PCs but from their smartphones. Mobile money have turned our phones to much more than just communication gadgets enabling us to do a lot more than just keep up with what is going on.

The growth of E-commerce had stagnated in most developing countries as one was required to use either a credit or debit card which most do not have, neither do they have access to banking facilities. Mobile money has accelerated the reach and relevance of e-commerce sites as well as online classified sites in Kenya due to its uptake of mobile money.

Online Classifieds vs Print Classifieds (From old to new)

Unlike your typical e-commerce site, Online classifieds sites provide a simple avenue for buyers and sellers to search, list and transact directly.They are quickly surpassing print classifieds due to their wide reach and ease of use for both buyers and sellers. They are also extremely cost effective since they do not charge per word/line like in print classifieds, which is an added advantage because the advertisement can be more detailed with the inclusion of pictures, videos, logos and comprehensive descriptions. The detailed product information can be as specific as possible so both the buyer and the seller benefit.

The growth of Online Classifieds sites

When people think of online classifieds sites, CraigsList jumps to mind. The past several years have witnessed the emergence of several online classified mediums. Some of the mediums have stayed while most of them got edged out. However, the concept of classifieds is expected to stay to infinity as the world is considered to be business dominated and that is not about to change any time soon.

The option of posting classifieds on online websites is proving to to be a successful one albeit with uptake challenges as well as others relating to online fraud. Today, you have different classified websites that makes and highlights a free list that comes with different classifieds featuring job opportunities, vehicles, real estate, business and services. As a matter of fact, you could find or sell anything using such websites. The invention of such websites did create a revolution in the field of marketing. Apparently, the different processes in marketing were simplified to a great extent with the introduction of online classified websites. One could rightly say that this made life simpler for most of the savvy businessmen as well as the consumers.

A great example of a next generation classifieds site is OLX, which is present in 90 countries and in 40+ languages. It is 100% free to search, list and transact goods. The user friendly interface and simple registration process makes it a unique advertising tool.

Why Online Classifieds  Make all the difference
Like with most online classifieds such as Craigs list there are no middlemen involved in the transactions, who usually increase the cost significantly, instead buyers and sellers interact directly with one another at no added cost. Buyers can reach the sellers through provided contact details to make further enquires about the product and negotiate the price if necessary. Goods sold on OLX are cheaper than the actual market because there are no taxes paid. The prices are all consumer controlled therefore are probably more affordable. Another reason they are cheaper is because there is no need for pay for  physical storage like one would do if selling it in their items in a store. There are several relevant categories on the site, originally online classified were used for listing jobs and real estate, but on OLX there is a wide range that buyers can choose from, such as fashion and beauty products, sporting goods and even educational classes. OLX is an extremely useful site as it gives people the power to liquidate unused goods to save money, or to upgrade to something they value.

OLX - Where Buyers Meet Sellers
OLX – Where Buyers Meet Sellers

Most of the online classified websites might require you to register an account so as to carry out the process of posting a classified or purchasing something offered on for sale. As the seller, you are generally contacted using the address information that you give away when registering an account with them. Some of the classified websites provide free services while the others provide paid services.

Buyers do not need to register to use sites like OLX but can browse the site and buy items without registration. However, if one wants to register, the process is 100% free and simple.

The deals that you get from online classifieds are sometimes unbelievably much cheaper and you cannot deny the fact that these are really things that you can save money from.

Have you tried buying anything from an online classifieds site, what was your experience?

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    Its true that the online classfied are the future market place where by the seller should meet the buyer and this is due to the increase of Smartphone and technology, Nowdays many people have smartphone hence the usage of internet increasing day to day and this also supported by the internet provider which are Mobile Operators reduces their tarrifs in internet usage….http://www.josephatlukaza.com from Tanzania

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