Reasons why you need Dance Classess

Learning how to dance is a good and fun exercise. Scientists have proven that women are worldly known for hitting the dance floor quite a few times and the ones that don’t are on most occasions wishing they could just sway away.  Dance classes give women with a range of options from belly dancing to even exotic or sensual dancing lessons like Bachata or Salsa. If you want something disciplined you can opt for more traditional forms of dancing such as ballet, tap dancing or jazz.

Enough with science facts, here is the real deal. Nothing is embarrassing than having two left feet. However, truth is you don’t have to like to dance; you don’t even have to be amazing at it for you to do it often right? But we all can admit that when a dance floor confronts you head on, you better have a bit of game.

Here are 6 reasons why you should take dance classes – trust me, it’s the ultimate game changer.

  1. Great workout routine 

Not many of us have the luxury of eating whatever comes in our way and not gaining a kilo, you will always be appreciative of any activity that can help you to retain, maintain or improve your shape in any way.

Dancing is, in my opinion, the best and achievable of ways that can get you to work those extra fats out. It’s not only fun and movement to a rhythm of your liking but its requirement of the whole body literally from your toes to your head and the best part about it is that you don’t even notice it. For an effortless workout, routine dancing is the way to go.

 2. You get to dress up

Every woman wants to feel pretty. Dressing up is exactly that. This is why black dresses will never end in popularity for tens of lifetimes. Dance classes offer a good way to feel pretty by buying that cute dress and the gorgeous matching shoes to go with it.

Pampering yourself to go along with your salsa class is as needed as cardamom on your evening tea. In fact, you could even go ahead and make your hair for those special days when you really want to kill it.  Dance classes are one of those magical times during a week where all you need is music and setting yourself free to rhythm a much-needed “me time” that we all need now and then.


  1. Broaden your social network 

It’s not rocket science that when you meet new people you get to live and experience new things. This also applies to getting out and registering for that dance class. One can argue that personalities also may be a reason for this but it doesn’t matter if you are a socially dynamic person or one that sits on the couch waiting for that group WhatsApp update. You will always meet and bond with minimal effort some amazing people in an amazing environment such as a dance class.

4. Flirting is mandatory

The very nature of dancing requires a lot of body contact between partners. With the right partner, dancing can even be considered as a form of foreplay. For non-partners, Dance Instructors would even scare you by telling you that dancing is like being abused by a creep. Sounds a bit exaggerated but what do you call an activity where you can walk to any man or woman you’ve never met before touching them virtually anywhere on their body and they thank you afterwards….

 5. Break the routine 

Have you ever faked a trip to the bathroom, walked out of a club for some air or better yet ordered for an extra expensive drink because you can’t get your two left footed the dance floor? No? Well yeah me too. If you need a break from a cycle of a cheesy pickup line and buying rounds when you are already wasted then dancing is your alternative.

When you have taken dance lessons at various dances then it’s easy to just roll with the music when you feel like and you don’t have to be boxed at a table.

6.Mating ritual

Courtship display is methods that an animal displays when it attempts to get a mate. Dancing as it turns out is an ingrained evolutionary trait. Dancing as a mating ritual goes back for centuries. Some have even gone forth and proved that there is a correlation between having the ability to dance and good genes.

Dancing as a mating ritual can be seen when observing the sexual dynamics of a nightclub dance hall. Young male wants attention and young female watches unimpressed. With proper timing and if the girl is receptive one can get one dance or if maybe that is not just his day fail at the first eye contact and disappear back into the crowd.

Best dancing tip; Learn to move your body with confidence, style, and grace. The ability to dance even just a little two-step bestows a level of social sophistication that every person seeks. Signing up for dance classes as an adult is a much more different experience than when you were a little girl.

Dance lessons aren’t just for little girls. If you’ve always wanted to learn to dance the choices are limitless. Get your dancing shoes on and let’s make those feet move.


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