Raising sons and the Boy Child crisis, #AfroTalks October Edition

Raising sons and the boy child crisis, in the October edition of #AfroTalks on Wednesday 28th from 2-5pm
Raising sons and the boy child crisis, in the October edition of #AfroTalks on Wednesday 28th from 2-5pm
Raising sons and the boy child crisis, in the October edition of #AfroTalks on Wednesday 28th from 2-5pm

There have been increased conversation regarding the boy child not just in Kenya but globally with many experts in family matter and psychology confirming that indeed we are witnessing a crisis of the boy child.

This crisis, how we got there and what needs to be done to address it in Kenya has been discussed in talk shows on TV, radio, on newspaper columns, during literary festivals and other forums such as Church groups with many acknowledging that yes, we have some sort of crisis with the way boys are turning out.

Unfortunately, the debate has not thrived without the comparison drawing contrasts to the attention that has been bestowed upon the girl child in the last several years not just by parents but by many NGOs which most deem has been at the expense of the boy child. There are those who believe that its not possible for both gender of children to thrive equally given the  same opportunities.

Are we all in consensus that indeed there is a crisis with the boy child?

I am yet to experience how it feels bringing up a son,  a chance I hope I will get (we decided not to check the sex of our baby till he/she is born) thus I hope we can have this conversation on raising sons and if indeed there is a crisis, how are we as parents and society in general doing about it?

This October, our #AfroTalks twitter discussion will be on this very subject of raising sons on Wednesday 28th October starting from 2-5pm.

#AfroTalks October Edition on Raising Sons
#AfroTalks October Edition on Raising Sons

For this, we shall be joined by a man from an organisation that has introduced a program to deal with this challenge of raising sons to become men

Eric Munyoki is the Program Coordinator of the Boys2Men program under the Transform Nations. He is married with 2 Children and is passionate about mentorship and technology! While not at a school somewhere talking to boys, he will be at home with my family.

About Transform Nations
Transform Nations was started in the year 2010 by founder and current Executive Director, Simon Mbevi. It was born from the desire and passion to see the lives of people and communities all over the world positively  impacted.   Their mission is to motivate individuals to become self-leading agents of transformation in their spheres of influence.

The Boys to Men Program
Boys to Men is an eight week program that guides young men, between the ages of 13- 21, to realize the meaning of real manhood, through experiential group mentoring. Two mentors walk with a group of 5 to 7 boys, guided by the Boys 2 Men manual and Mentors Guide for 8 weeks.
The program motivates and teaches young men to embrace positive and responsible masculinity, positive community engagement, creation of peer groups that promote positive values and together (as a group) and individually grow in mind and character; as they discover purpose and pursue a career.

This is done through a unique value-based mentorship system characterized with coaching through personal interactions with a mentor. We see a great need for our program in schools because of the great cultural and social-economic challenges being experienced by the young people that has left many turning to negative peer pressure, alcoholism, drug abuse and irresponsible sex.

A few of the schools where they have been running successful programs in Nairobi include Alliance High School, Highway Secondary School, Lenana School, Ofafa Jericho Secondary school, Starehe Boys Centre, Rusinga School, Braeside school, Pumwani Secondary school and Aquinas Secondary School. This has been through weekly mentoring sessions, a few weekend activities and a camp at the conclusion.

Topics that are covered in the program include definition of a man, values for greatness, responsible sexuality, career development, building character for success, challenges of masculinity, servant leadership, positive patriotism, building self-confidence and conflict resolution.

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