Proof that Kenya Power staff are the Conmen in Provision of Electricity

Kenya Power

Kenya Power  formerly  known as Kenya Power & Lighting Company (KPLC)  has been a running a campaign in the daily newspapers and TV urging Kenyans to pay any fees mostly for power connection at the Kenya Power offices.

This is following the rise of many con-artist who, claiming to be Kenya Power staff, collect money from customers who wish to apply for power connection, and either disappear without providing any power or, provide illegal power to the new applicant.

The latest adverts explicitly instructs  customers to insist on a Kenya Power  receipt upon payment of the power supply fee of Ksh. 35,000

What Kenya Power does not disclose is that, its own staff collude to get authentic customer information thereby making the con very easy.

I was a victim of such a call on Saturday from a gentleman who called me on
0729 305 093.  He called me by all the names I used to fill the Power application form including where I wanted the new connection. He then informed me that they were in that area over the weekend and wanted to ‘finish up’ on all pending installations. I informed him that I had not yet paid as I was told my details had not been entered into the system. He said that was ok and asked if I still had the money. I asked him why he was interested and explained that I would make the payment the following week on Monday.

He went back to his script again claiming that, they were doing some connections in that area and he felt it would be better to include ours thus I should just provide the payment if they came over.

I told him off, but not before clarifying that I was not dying in the dark and that I would wait to pay at Kenya Power offices first.

2 hours later, he called again and I lost my nerve. I told him outright that he was a Con and should stop calling me, he hang up.

I called my relatives immediately warning them of that con and not to allow anyone to connect any power until a receipt has been obtained from Kenya Power

This got me thinking;

1. How did this guy get all the information about me yet, we filled the power application forms at the Kenya Power offices and submitted immediately?

2. As am sure Kenya Power  is aware, why haven’t they  dealt with these rogue installers?

3. Why can’t Kenya Power  collaborate with mobile operators where the public can report these numbers and something is actually done.

Kenya Power should not think that adverts in the newspapers are enough as the con engineers will seek another step ahead like printing fake receipts at the Kenya Power  offices in collaboration with the other staff. If they were able to obtain all my details, surely, they just need to get more desperate.

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