Procter & Gamble unveils a Household Academy for Domestic Managers

Procter & Gamble Household academy

Procter & Gamble (P&G) earlier today unveiled the P&G Household Academy to address the growing demand for skilled domestic managers and also improve their personal development.

Many Kenyans have come to rely on their domestic manager as a key figure in running the household, but these trusted workers usually do not have the benefit of any formal training to improve their skills.

“Procter and Gamble, through its leading brands such as Pampers, Ariel, Always and Downy, will provide domestic manager training onbaby care, laundry care, housekeeping tips, first aid and safety and personal development skills such as saving and personal hygiene and grooming. It is crucial that we equip domestic managers with information and tools they need to keep homes and families safe as well as improving their financial literacy,” said Ms. Irene Miheso, Communications Manager for P&G Kenya.

The free training sessions have already kicked off in Nairobi at The Nest Place – Garden Estate till 5th March. The subsequent sessions will be held on 8th to 12th March at Kilimani – Elegeyo Marakwet Court, 15th to 19th March at Lowela Hotel – Fedha Estate and 29thMarch to 4th April in Langata at Onyonka Estate – House No. A248.

The P&G House Hold Academy is designed to keep domestic managers informed and prepared while at the same time making sure that parents do not spend every moment away from home wondering if things are well at home.

“P&G is committing to ensure that house helps are transformed into real house help managers who are able to take care of homes while employers are away,” added Ms. Irene Miheso.

The House Hold Academy is seeking to add value to domestic managers by ensuring that the skills taught are able to improve their working conditions and their overall well being. P&G is targeting to reach out to 2800 domestic managers by end of March 2016.

This will come as a good news to many mothers who struggle with un-trained domestic managers or house helps as many are referred to. We are however, still a long way from introducing professionalism to this industry which has become a necessity for today’s working mother.

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  1. Winnie Reply

    Indeed this is a necessity. However, how would home owners find such trained house managers? Is there a contact?

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