Planning an upcountry trip for the school holidays? Here are tips to make it memorable

When asked how they will be spending the upcoming school holidays, many people answered that they will be making a bee line for their upcountry homes.

A good percentage of those who answered were quite categorical that the upcoming elections had much to do with their decision to go upcountry.This is just in case things turned ugly they do not want their children to see any of the resulting problems.

Some companies and organizations have given their employees some time away to enable them to vote in the coming elections and since it will be for a significant amount of time, they have decided that the countryside will be the best place to go and reconnect with relatives.

Some families just visit the countryside every holiday and for such this holiday will not be any different.
Whatever the reason for taking this trip, there is no reason for not making it memorable. Here are some ways of making it more fun and memorable for you and your family.

1. Explore New Places

When most people travel to the countryside they tend to stay within their homestead and talk to people they already know. Spending time with your nuclear family is good but exploring new places within the same locality will be more interesting.

In this regard, you can look for places with woodlands, parks, and safe places to go for a hiking expedition or for a good family picnic. The change of scenery will also go a long way into breaking the monotony of staying in one place.

Visiting people in different places within the locality can help in this as well. You can explore any museums or historical sites in your locality to learn some history as well.

2. Let the Children learn a new skill

Crocheting, pottery, fishing, planting, weeding, wall art, traditional dishes are some of the skills that are totally alien to the current generation. This is, however, not through a fault of their own because most of us city dwellers have no idea on how to go about them.

Some of the skills, however, can come in handy in the future and help them earn an extra coin in the future. For instance, I read a Facebook post of a lady who is currently making crocheted window decorations and she had quite a number of comments with people asking for the prices. Anything unique will get people talking and some of them will translate into actual sales.

There is also the rewarding sense of achievement when they see a tree they planted growing well, some of the plants they planted doing well and eventually being prepared for supper and so on.

Animal husbandry is another skill that is worth learning and much more may be expected from them as compared to when they have to be responsible for just one cat or dog. The experience can be quite rewarding at the end of the day as their sense of responsibility increases as well.

3. Sports

If your children are into sports there is no reason for them to shelve their skills until they can get back to the city. Allow them to join others in playing basketball, football, volleyball, tennis and other competitive sports. This will not only help them make friends but will also help them keep fit and not forget what they learned at school.

If there are no such games in the village there is no reason why you cannot start and be the pioneers of the game. You may just find willing participants.

4. Entertainment

Apart from sports, you will need other ways to keep the children entertained. This means that you having to bring some of your board games such as draughts, scrabble to play with the rest of the family. Dividing the family members into several teams will also help to make the games quite enjoyable for everyone.

Card games can work in this regard as well. For the younger ones, you might have to carry home some toys that they will use for playing.

5. Treasure Hunt

This should be a favorable game for everyone including adults and you can try and have everyone in pairs to make it fair. It is also okay if you would rather leave the adults out to make it more interesting for the kids since the adults may figure out everything fast thus make the hunt end prematurely.

There should also be a prize that is worth the hunt and this means that you should get creative and also know what your children like or what will get them excited.

If you have decided to take your children to the countryside you should also ensure that they are always in safe hands as they take part in all these activities just in case you have to be at work. You should also remember to carry a first aid kit just in case someone gets involved in an accident and the hospitals are far away or the wound is not very serious.


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