Open Letter: What Every Daughter Needs To Know


Dear Daughter,

It is amazing to know that you are mine, someone who is forever a part of me. The feeling is overwhelming, and I cherish every moment I spend with you. As I watch you grow, trying to figure out the world around you, there are things that I would like you to know. Hopefully, you will embrace them, as a foundation to life’s beautiful journey awaiting you.

First and foremost, let me start by saying, you are loved. From the moment I knew I was bringing you into this would, I loved you then and will always love you. I promise you that my love is unconditional, no matter what happens, you will never experience a day without care and appreciation. I will always be here for you because I love you.

Love yourself first before loving someone else. If you do not love yourself, how do you expect others to love you? You are your greatest love story, so fall in love with yourself. Love every single piece of you, the great, the ugly, the terrible and the beautiful. Everything that you are made of is simply perfect. Self-love is the guide to happiness; you cannot be happy in life if you do not accept and love yourself.

However, do not be a narcissist; you are far too good for such a complicated type of love. Your kind of love should be genuine and pure, be kind and respectful to other people. Take time to do something for someone else; it is good for your soul, trust me. The world needs more generous and positive people, be a light of hope because you are so much more than you can ever imagine.

Live your life to the fullest. Explore the world, travel and discover the unknowns. Go to festivals, dance in the rain, laugh out loud, climb the highest mountain, maybe even do a shower karaoke! The sky is not your limit. You are limitless. Experience life in the best way possible, do the things that matter to you. See incredible things, experience different cultures, learn other languages, listen to music, and taste weird foods. These experiences will enrich your heart and soul. You will also learn that this world is not as big as it seems. You can conquer anything you want.

In all these, do not forget to find balance. Some people never find balance and steer off the wrong way. Remember to prioritize what’s important to you. Always follow your instincts, and if it does not feel right, then leave it. Listen to your mind, body, and spirit, treat them with utmost care and let them guide you if ever lose your way. Do not lust for more than you have. Goals and ambitions are equally important but do not forget to be grateful for the things that you have.



One day you will look at yourself in the mirror and see yourself. You will start to notice your skin color, body shape, hair, clothes. You may want to change or stay the same, that’s up to you to decide. Whether, you crunch and diet, prune and pluck, tweeze and shape, I hope in those moments when you become your harshest critic, you will remember that you are beautiful both on the inside and outside. Do not let how you look from the outside determine how you feel on the inside. You cannot change some things in life that you cannot change. The make-up, clothes or other external elements, let those be an expression of who you are and not a reflection of you. I may be biased when I tell you that you are the most beautiful girl in the world because I made you, but in all honesty, my dear daughter you are beautiful just the way you are.

Always believe in yourself. This is the beginning and the end. Believe in your abilities, and you will do everything. Wear confidence, walk with pride and do not let anyone or anything put you down. You are strong, a fighter and an intelligent person; I know that because you descend from a lineage of greatness. If you get hit, dust off and get back in the fight. Life will throw punches at you, stick out and keep moving. I might not always help you fight every battle, but be rest assured that I am always in your corner, cheering you on to greatness. I am your biggest fan.

Lastly, my daughter, when you do fall in love, remember true love has no conditions or ultimatums. Find your self-worth and do not let anyone try to change who you are. Should you experience heartbreak, do not let it kill the love you have inside. Remember, what doesn’t kill you, can only make you stronger, cliché but true. Learn from broken relationships and move on. Even some friendships do not last forever. Some people come into your life to teach you valuable lessons; others come to stay. Be sure to know the difference. I know there will be tremendous pressure to fit in as you grow up, remember, you are too great to fit in, so go ahead and stand out. In me, you have a friend for life, and I will always love you.

Forever Mama.


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