#OccupyJamboJet campaign encouraging Kenyans to Fly

air travel
air travel
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One common excuse that is made when it comes to going on holiday is that it is unaffordable, especially in regard to air travel. Flying is seen as something strictly for the elite due to the high ticket fees. However Kenya’s first low cost airline, Jambojet, is taking huge steps to change this negative attitude.

Jambojet is launching a one-week digital campaign that seeks to encourage Kenyans to fly, especially those who have never flown before. The campaign dubbed #OccupyJamboJet will be launched on Twitter on Friday the 12th and will run for 6 days. OccupyJamboJet is the first campaign of its kind in Kenya. Participants will have to mobilize a group of 100 people to sign up for a chance to fly on a one-day, all expenses paid trip to Mombasa. The campaign will encourage group travel and shatter any myths of air travel being an elitist activity.

“The campaign endorses the ease of travel in the Kenyan market by reaching out to people who have never flown before. The airline also supports the country’s domestic tourism hence the choice of Mombasa as the destination for #Occupyjambojet,”

said Jambojet Director of Operations and Chief Pilot, Captain Aquinas Birika.

How the campaign works:

Once the campaign is launched on Friday 12th September, participants will have a choice between being a pilot or a crew member. As a pilot you are the one who will set up the team. The pilot will be required to fill in their personal details, as well as picking a team name and description. After your details are filled in you can share them on your social networks and begin mobilizing people to join your campaign. The first pilot to fill his/her plane gets to fly to Mombasa with his or her entourage in tow. As a pilot you can accept or reject requests from potential team members. You can also remove members from your team. You can only accept a maximum of 25 people a day.

As a crew member you can join whichever team you prefer. After reading the instructions and filling in your personal details you will be able to pick a team via a leader board. Once the pilot accepts your request you are now able to campaign for other people to join your team. Crew members can request to join another team if their first request is still pending. They can also form their own team but will will have to request to be removed from a manifest first. Please note you cannot be a pilot and a crew member at the same time.

The winning team will get to enjoy the free trip on September 27th and will be hosted by the Voyager Beach Resort ,with refreshments courtesy of Absolute Vodka and on-ground transport by Destination Connect.

Go to their campaign page and sign up for an alert the minute the campaign is kicked off. Will you be participating in this exciting campaign? Let us know!

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