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Breastfeeding wear

That old adage of necessity being the mother of invention is the only constant in life. As humans, we are always looking for ways to make our lives more comfortable and certain tasks such as home care less draining.

The same applies to parenting and especially so for us women for whom child bearing has such a lasting effect not just to our physical being but also to our mental and psychological as well.

Facebook has become a Kenyan woman’s best social network due to its ability to allow women form or join different groups based on their interests. There are all manner of groups such as Pregnant Mom support, Kilimani Mums, Baby wearing love among thousands of others both private and public. It is through these groups that I was able to discover some of the items that will appear on this list.

The reason I liked the items below were because, I am now in my 2nd trimester and  we will soon be having our third born. There are some very functional items that have been designed and manufactured to make things like sitting in a salty bath much easier, washable diapers, etc These are some of the things I am shopping for now in preparation and I believe they would come in very handy to any pregnant or nursing mother.

The only think I caution you is to NEVER  send money to someone via Mpesa while purchasing something BEFORE they have  been delivered to you. Yes there are good deals out there, there are also a lot of crooks out there who prowl the internet whether on Facebook or any of the online shopping sites that link buyers and sellers. So ladies, please be careful. Here we go;

1.Sitz Bath

Sitz Bath
The Sitz Bath on a toilet bowl

The sitz bath is a plastic container that can be used instead of a basin. While using the bath only the pelvis and abdominal area are placed in water on a toilet bowl.

Usually after normal child birth or after patients have had surgery or have haemorrhoids, uterine cramps, prostrate infections, painful ovaries and or testicles the doctor recommends that they sits on warm salty water in a basin to relieve pain afterwards. The sitz bath can be used instead of a basin. The benefits of the sitz bath is the comfort since it fits the toilet bowl.

Its a  product of Kijani Medical Ltd, and they have an introductory price of Kshs.700 per piece. For Orders call Ruth on 0715348018

2. Washable Diapers

A variety of the Reusable diapers available in the Kenyan market
A variety of the Reusable diapers available in the Kenyan market

We have written before on the importance of using washable diapers over using the disposable ones which are more expensive and disposing them is detrimental to the environment. At the time of writing our article, there were very few local dealers of these washable diapers, however,  Mums like YakoBetty Kwena and Jacqueline Wambui among others are selling them anywhere from 500- 600 each.
Text Wambui on 0724144926  or  YakoBetty on 0721-417474 to place your order. 




3. Nursing breastfeeding wear

Breastfeeding wear
Breastfeeding wear

If the cold stares from strangers when breastfeeding your baby bothers you or having to keep adjusting that shawl to hide your baby when suckling is getting out of hand( especially for boys because they keep kicking it), then these new nursing breastfeeding tshirt are very ideal.
Judy Kebenei is one of the suppliers and seller them in different

4. Maternity Jeans & official trousers

Maternity Jeans
Maternity Jeans

Finding comfortable clothes that still make you look good when going to the office or going about your daily chores without wearing the usual maternity dresses is always very tricky. However, with official maternity trousers, you can still have that official look in the office and still be comfortable in whatever stage of pregnancy you are. The best thing is perhaps still being able to wear a pair of jeans while pregnant.

Esther Jay is one of the women supplying these maternity wear for Ksh. 700 with Free delivery within Nairobi. She has a wide variety to choose from. size 8 to 20. call 0714790355 if intersted.

5. Furniture from FunKidz

Funkidz Furniture
Funkidz Furniture for children

Funkidz  loooove to design and make things! If you want funky yet functional  children’s furniture and designing of their rooms or classes where the furniture ends up in, then they are the people to get in touch with. Check out their colourful furniture for children from ages 0-16.

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