Natural oils that are good for both baby and mother

Words like “Baby friendly”, “organic” are definitely terms I think about a lot nowadays. With so many baby care products proving carcinogenic, it is hard to trust anything with the label “Organic” or even “best for baby”. As if the paranoia that comes with being a mother is not enough, I have to wonder if what I am smothering my baby with may harm her. So I sought natural substitutes for a lot of baby’s needs and ended up using them too. These substitutes are heaven sent. Extracted from nature and devoid of chemical alterations, they come at a pocket friendly cost and with so much goodness for me and my baby. The best thing about these oils is that each has more than one use. Secondly, they have no perfume thus will not irritate the babies sensitive nostrils or skin.

1. Pure Castor oil/ Castor oil and zinc
castor oil
Castor oil is mainly used to stimulate hair growth. However, it has a variety more uses. Castor oil and zinc especially, clears all traces of a rash on your baby’s skin in less than seventy two hours. Rashes are not the only thing the oil clears. Due to its non-comedogenic nature, it is also a great moisturizer for acne prone skin. I have acne prone skin and withing days of using castor oil and zinc, the breakouts have disappeared rapidly. I also use it on baby’s hair as a hair oil as it absorbs fast and lasts longer than other oils.


2. Coconut oil
coconut oil
Apart from being an awesome hair conditioner, coconut oil is also a healing oil. It heals diaper rash, eczema and sun burn. It is not advisable to use it as a moisturizer on your face especially if you have acne prone skin as it may cause break outs.

3. Shea Butter
shea butter
In it’s pure form, Shea butter is rich in softening and deep moisturizing and healing agents. This a makes it the best for massaging baby. It is also a great hair moisturizer, skin moisturizer and stretch mark removal cream. It is non-comedogenic so if you have acne prone skin, Shea butter is a great moisturizer. Use pure Shea butter also when giving baby a massage.


4. Olive oil
olive oil
Massaging olive oil on your breasts every night helps improve elasticity and is a great remedy for sagging boobs. Pure olive oil is also great as a baby hair moisturizer. It is also known to stimulate hair growth so you can use it on your baby’s hair and your hair. If you want linger eye lashes and thick, fuller eyebrows, you an dab olive oil on your brows and lashes daily before you sleep.


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