Motherhood: Myths on C-section hurting women today

Consider this: you are having a good time with women, sharing stories of pregnancy and motherhood- some hilarious and crazy, others sad and heart-wrenching. As the group chatters on, one woman says a ridiculous thing that renders everyone speechless.

She, regrettably blessed with a loud and booming voice, says: women who had their children through caesarian are not women enough!

As absurd as it sounds, quite a number of women believe this and never fail to let other women know that they are not woman enough because they did not get their children through the natural way.

C-section is a major surgery and involves opening up the abdomen and removing the baby from the uterus and yet so many ill-informed people talk badly about people who have undergone the process, which ends up hurting them badly and affecting their self–esteem.

Let us look at some of these myths that really hurt our sisters and disabuse them whenever they are presented in our presence,

  1. You are not woman enough,

Last I checked, we are born women and as such we have certain physical and emotional attributes that define us as women. It is absurd to tell someone that they are not woman enough when everything about them says that they are just that. How we give birth to babies does not define us- always remember that when someone tries to put you down because of going through a c-section.

  1. C-Sections means Failure

Failure of what I dare ask? The fact remains that you gave life to a beautiful human being. Whether it is emergency, scheduled, a few minutes of labour or many hours of labour preceding your C-section, you still brought a human being into this world. It is not a decision that comes to anyone easily. As aforementioned it is major surgery and coming out alive is something that should be lauded.

  1. You could not push a baby so you are lazy

The moment you mention that you went through a C-section, some people will not shy away from declaring that you are very lazy and could not push a baby out. This could not be further from the truth as many women actually agree to have a Caesarian birth at the behest of their doctors. Scheduled operations only started becoming popular a few weeks ago. Until then women were more than willing to push their babies and have a natural birth.

  1. Painless Birth

Unless it is a scheduled procedure, giving birth via C-section is also painful. Most mothers will have endured labour pains before the doctor declares that they have to undergo the procedure.

An emergency Csection is one that must be done urgently, either for the health of the mom or the baby.

Situations, where an emergency C-section may be needed, include umbilical cord prolapse, placental abruption, uterine rupture, or an abnormal foetal heart rate that does not improve with routine measures. This must cause much physical and emotional pain to the mother as she is informed that her life or her baby or both might be in danger.

The wound after the birth takes some time to heal and this is painful to the mother as well. Most mothers cannot do anything for themselves during that time due to the pain. Be kind.

  1. You cannot bond well with your child

People often tell women that their babies may not bond well with them because they were born through caesarian. Some women are also warned that they will not get the skin-to-skin feeling once you get the baby. All of the above is not true as you can hold your child after the birth just as with vaginal birth.

6.Babies born via C-sections have more allergies/asthma

Despite a study in PLOS Medicine showing that there is a correlation between cesareans and conditions such as asthma, there is much difference between correlation and causation. It is a known fact that mothers who experience health issues such as Diabetes, high blood pressure among other conditions have to give birth via caesarian. This also means that their babies may be predisposed some health issues and it is not caesarian that is causing them.

7. Your baby will not be a fighter 

Most women are told that if they give birth through c-section their babies will not be fighters.  It is supposed that travelling through the birth canal and not being lifted from the woman makes the baby weak as far as their personality is concerned. What does the poor baby know on the first day of their life? The personality of the baby has nothing to do with how they got into this world


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