My take on the Tecno R7

The Tecno r7
The Tecno r7
The Tecno R7

The Tecno R7 has been touted to be the Usain Bolt of phones due to its speed. The last locally done review faulted it not for anything else other than the fact that it doesn’t have enough battery power to match the speed.

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I’ve had my R7 for 3 months now. I believe that is enough time to judge the phone’s capabilities. so here goes;

What I like
a. The screen size
The R7 falls in the range of Phablets thus you can be sure that the screen size is larger than your ideal smartphone.

What i love is the fact that I am able to comfortably watch high resolution videos e.g the full Def Poetry  series during my morning and evening commute. The support for a wide range of  video file formats enhances this experience.
Am also able to comfortably compose many of my blog posts with ease using the WordPress app for android

b. The camera
I go for a lot of events that are either tech or arts related. Sometimes carrying the Canon is cumbersome and it always makes me  look like am either with press or am some sort of paparazzi who will later hang printed photos and charge ksh. 50 for each.

When am doing events such as festivals and concerts the Canon works, however, there are times one just wants to take a quick photo for sharing on instagram or on twitter.
With its front and back camera, the R7 takes pretty decent photos for web sharing. It also come in handy for those quick moments with my daughters that need to be captured of video and archived or played back to them a few months later.

Tecno Music playerc. The music player
My life is defined and remembered through music. I listen to music everywhere. I have had issues with all my previous phones due to lack of flexibility in their music player app. The R7 has a music player that’s the ultimate for every music addict. From their vinyl record icon to the different categories based on genre, artist, playlists, albums and finally one’s favourites, the player does anything one would want their Winamp to do.

d. Power bank
Smart phones are always power hungry and that’s where I fault the Samsung range. For someone like me who is always online, one either needs a smartphone that can keep charge the whole day or one that come with a power bank.
The Tecno R7 actually over delivers on this. The phone comes in package that contains a power bank, two usb cables and a phone casing. The power bank can charge the phone fully twice, it also has a flashlight capability making it quite handy during blackouts.

e. Dual sim
This is perhaps the most functional feature that I never thought mattered before when I just had one phone and one line. It is until you compare how long a 250MB  bundle lasts using a Safaricom line and an Airtel one, that you appreciate the ability to use the airtel line for internet and calls whilst still using your more known line for receiving calls.
I now equate my Safaricom line to a Range Rover and the Airtel line to a Probox when it comes to data bundle usage.

f. The cost
The phone retails for Ksh. 27,000. Quite a reasonable rate for a phone with such specifications and compared to its competition in the phablet range.

What I don’t like

a. Hybernate screen
Am not sure this is the term used to define the screen that come on when the phone is slanted in a certain angle. It really annoys me. I have tried disabling that feature with no luck. This happens alot when the phone is rotated to landscape mode.

b. Location of speakers
The speakers have been placed at the back lower part of the phone. this becomes a problem when you are playing music on stereo mode and using the phone. The hands get in the way messing up the sound.
This might have been realized in good time  by the manufacturer as the Phantom Z (latest in the market launched 2 weeks ago locally) saw an improvement in the location of the speakers to the base of the phone.

A friend of mine has been looking for this phone for over a week now.  Turns out, the phone was in so much demand that the other Phantom series was suffering. Not sure when it will be back in the market.

The latest in that series, the Phantom Z will be sale any day this week retailing at approximately Ksh. 36,999.

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    • admin Post authorReply

      Thank you. I decided not to dwell too much on the technical details.

  1. jeffgichanga Reply

    Remarkable review. Well, for those of us who care when it comes to updates, we have all reasons to be worried. Remind me which Tecno phone ever received an update. The MediaTek processor is also another thing that puts me away from getting this device. All in all, I’m cool with the specs but why load Jelly bean on such a capable device?

  2. Ernest Reply

    Pls can one help me to solve my R7 fault when I switch it on mi can hear it boot and the led light is on but no screen displayed pls help me

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