5 Must Watch YouTube Channels Your Toddler Will Love

I don’t know about you but my boy drives me absolutely crazy binge watching Disney, CBeebies, Nickelodeon etc on DSTV. It’s not that I don’t enjoy the cartoons, I happen to have preserved my inner child quite efficiently, a fact my mother won’t fail to mention every time the topic of growing up “…because you’re a mother now!” comes up, which is irritatingly often, urgh! I digress…anyway, I love animations! I love watching them with my son and I absolutely adore dancing around the house singing along to Mickey Mouse Club House and Dora The Explorer theme songs with him.

What drives me up the wall, with my sanity-threatening to pack up and go, is how much they repeat the episodes! I cannot stand to sing the same songs, solve the same puzzles and memorize all of Jake’s strategies to thwart Captain Hook’s plans. Discovering, on my nightly sojourns to the deep dark internet, the shining beacon of light that is children’s YouTube channels honestly saved me *sob*! This is my testimony!

I share my favourite channels in the hope that you will not also have to go through the dark tunnel of insanity.

1. HooplaKidz TV

Boasting such educational series as I’m A Dinosaur.

And animated nursery rhyme collections with classics like I’m A Little Teapot, The Wheels On The Bus, Incy Wincy Spider etc to keep your little one entertained.

2. Cartoon Candy

Such toons as Boing The Play Ranger offering fun puzzles for your kids to solve as they sing along on this highly interactive channel.

3. HooplaKidz HooplaKidzLab HooplaKidz Doodle

Admittedly, the Hoopla Kidz Lab and Hoopla Recipes channels are for older kids, but if you’ve got a litter it’s an amazing way to keep kids of all ages busy and creative as they learn all sorts of science, drawing and cooking tricks. It’ll encourage your kids to play together and will foster bonds between siblings that’ll be impossible to break as they go along with these interesting adventures.

4. ABC- All Babies Channel

Now this one is a total favourite for babies and toddlers and is the trick I used to get my little one to feed, a complete distraction that had him gain 2kgs in 2 weeks during the horrible weaning period when they seem to develop a stubborn bone right where their throat should be. Perfect for terrible twos too.

5. Raggs TV

Forget the charts we had hung in our bedrooms as children! Our digital era kids need only consult YouTube for all their alphabetic learning needs!


My absolute favourite thing about these YouTube channels is that they’re such an easy to use tool for parents to teach their children in this increasingly competitive world without necessarily having to subject our poor 2-year-olds to 8 hours of kindergarten just to maintain an edge. Let’s make learning just as fun as it is compulsory. Enjoy. Also, you’re welcome.

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  1. Winnie Gitiha Reply

    Lovely piece Minnie. Am sure Jabali and Kaku will love them.

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