International Mothers’ day Essay Competition; #MumsToughLove

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Don’t we all have those moments we look back at and marvel at our mothers’ wisdom? We want you to articulate these moments when you doubted your mother’s love yet now you realise that it was out of love that she took you through such tough life lessons.

As we mark World International Mother’s day, what better way to mark this day than to write about other your mother whom you have known all your life, what are some of the tough love moments with your mum that you would like to share with the world? What are some of the moments that made you think that she definitely hated you only to realise she was actually protecting you from harm? Are there moments when you thought she is sure must be some kind of witch (especially through your teen years) sent to traumatise you only to later realise that she just wanted you to learn life’s lessons the hard way (These are the lessons that shape who we become). If you have such a story send it to us. We will pick the best 5, publish them here on our website. The winners will also get some amazing prizes for themselves and their mums.

Here are the guidelines you should follow  

  1. The competition is open to everyone
  2. The essay should be between 200 – 300 words
  3. Your essay should flow in proper English, devoid of short form (SMS) writing
  4. Any plagiarised work from any other publication or social media post will be disqualified
  5. The essay should not contain any libellous, defamatory, profane or obscene material.
  6. Ensure there is no racism, hatred or harm in your submissions as well.
  7. Feel free to make it as interesting, descriptive, humorous as possible
  8. In case you have to use Swahili or your local language anywhere in the article ensure you have provided an English translation (in brackets)
  9. Remember to include your name, e-mail address and phone number
  10. Send it as a word document attachment
  11. Send a clear photo of you and your mum or your mum as an attachment (kindly note that if you are picked as a winner, we will use the photo to accompany your published essay on our site and on our social media channels)
  12. All essays to be emailed to;
  13. The competition ends on Friday 12th May at midnight East African Time.
  14. The AfroMum editorial team shall pick 5 winners (3 top essays and 2 runners up).
  15. Winners shall be contacted and announced on Saturday 13th May at 2 pm East African Time

Good luck and let us appreciate the comical, creative, hard ways our mothers used to teach us about life.

Share widely using the hashtag #MumsToughLove on social media.

Winners will each receive a GoTV decoder for their mums with one month free subscription.

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