Maternity 101: vital things to look for in a maternity insurance cover

Pregnancy comes with many things, some happy others sad.  But one of the constant things is a change in lifestyle to ensure that both the mother and the baby have the adequate nutrition to keep their health in check.

This change in lifestyle for many should start way before they start thinking of getting pregnant.  Things such as cutting down on products that may have an impact on conception and even visiting a doctor beforehand should be a priority.  For many others, setting up a baby fund or looking for an affordable insurance cover are important steps in the parenting journey.

Insurance covers come with different features and a parent-to-be should be careful in checking out the important aspects that each has to avoid problems at a later day.

Here are five things to consider before choosing an insurance cover

1. Do you have another cover?

If you are employed, your company may have an insurance plan that includes maternity cover. You may also have an individual or a family cover that includes maternity benefits. If that’s the case, just make sure that you are sure of the availability of the cover.

2. What does it cover?

Different companies offer different benefits. Some of the most common include pre-natal care, delivery expenses, post-natal care and Ultrasounds. Others companies go an extra mile to add other benefits including home deliveries.

For Kenyan teachers, for example, Minet TSC cover caters for routine immunisation as per the Kenya Expanded Programme on Immunisation; emergency and elective caesarian.

Ensure that a cover has all the features you need and determine how much you might need to pay out of pocket if a service is not included in the insurance.

3.  What are the exclusions and limits?

Some covers come with exclusions and limits for one reason or the other. You might find out that a prescription is excluded from the cover or you only going to benefit for a certain period of time. In some instances, a cover includes ante-natal care as an out-patient service and not part of the maternity cover.

4. What’s in it for your baby?

Unfortunately, not all pregnancies are smooth. There might be issues along the way that may result in delivering the baby pre-term or the baby being born with congenital issues. It is therefore vital to see what the cover does in case of such situations.

The Minet TSC Cover provides congenital conditions and pre-maturity expenses, making it one of the comprehensive covers in Kenya.

It is important that you discuss the limits of such benefits with your insurer so that you understand what you are getting into when you sign up for the cover.

5. Does it include caesarian?

Make sure you check out whether the insurance includes a caesarian benefit. Some covers only offer the emergency CS and other includes both the emergency and elective CS. therefore, depending on your needs, you should find out what and how much it will cost you.

Take away

Keep in mind that you cannot get a maternity insurance cover once you are already pregnant as most companies have a waiting period before you can make a claim. It is therefore advisable that you start shopping for a cover well in advance to avoid any issues.

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