How to make the world more glamorous by twinning with your child

More people are warming up to the concept twinning which is a quite impressive and often breathtaking. Basically, twinning comes from the word twins and in the fashion world, it is when a parent puts on a matching outfit with their child.

The look is often just adorable and fashion experts are of the opinion that it is the kids who make it even more adorable. Their sweetness, genuine smiles and the ability to make colors and patterns come to life are some of the factors that make the matching outfits so lovely.

Children really look up to their parents in many ways and when they are still young, they will think that you are the best dresser in the world as well. However, things may not be so rosy once they get to teenagehood and their style starts to get influenced by their friends, media, or their own creativity. If you like twinning you might have to start early so that you can have as much fun as possible before your child starts to think that it is lame.

Simple Ideas to help you in Twinning

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Ankara Outfits
Ankara is a material with African prints and in some quarters like here in Kenya, we call them kitenge. These materials are often quite colorful with some of the most beautiful prints. The prints can sometimes be too bold and they look best when you combine them with a plain top or bottom part.

If it is a dad and son combination, they can go for the traditional look that might also include a hat, top, combined with trousers or shorts.
If it is a mum and her daughter, they can both wear dresses with the same design or the outfit of the small girl can be made in a girlish way. You can have headgear for both of you or just choose a simple a simple headband that is made from the same material and in the same color for the child.

If it is a mum and her son, she can choose to dress in a trouser, shorts to match with her son. The mum can choose the same material but adorn a dress while the son goes for a male look. Mums and daughters can wear trousers and shorts combinations as well.

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Animal Prints
Some animal prints make beautiful outfits and they include the leopard print, zebra print, snake patterns, giraffe prints and so on. Do not be selfish whenever you go to choose the prints for the outfit, let her choose the child to choose their favorites as well. Most animal prints are quite bold and if you do not like to have full matching outfits made from the prints you can always go for a plain top or skirt/trouser. If it is a dress, you can tone it down with plain shoes as well.

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Casual Wear
You can buy beautiful outfits in denim for your casual wear and the best thing about denim is that you can find them anywhere. Denim is also long lasting and this means that you will wear the same outfit with your child for quite a long time. You will also never be out of fashion because denim never goes out of fashion. Denim skirts are also very cute and come in different styles, which means that you can keep changing them.

Apart from denim, you can also do cute combinations with khaki trousers for the whole family. You can dress in similar t-shirts or cute checked shirts if it is a father and son outfit. Mothers can also wear checked shirts, jackets.The jungle look is also in vogue that can look really good for the whole family as well.

Themed Wear
This is, especially ideal for weddings, Christmas, birthdays, funerals, national celebrations and so on. In such instances, you can use particular colors for your outfits. For instance, you can have your outfits made in red and green if you are going for a Christmas look. If it is a national celebration you have the flag of the country incorporated into your outfits.

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When looking for the ideal twinning outfit, you should consider the colors and make sure that they flatter you and your child. You should also consider the material and here, you should check to find out if it is durable enough since kids play a lot and sometimes can damage their outfits within a short time and there will be no more twinning.

You should also accessorize when you put on matching outfits with your child. For kids, some of the best accessories include headbands, headgears, watches, and beautiful neckpieces and so on.

Adults have more choices when it comes to accessories ranging from earrings, neckpieces, beads, chains, expensive stones and so on. Ensure that your hairstyles also work for your outfit and you can choose to have the same hairstyles as your child or you can go for different hairstyles.

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